Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 1

ok i only have 20 minutes so i'm gonna fly! I'll try to answer your questions the best i can! ENGLAND IS AMAZING!!!!! We got here and the weather was so amazing, sunny and beautiful. now it's just a little drizzly but nothing too crazy and as you know i love the rain ;) Things here are going well I'm learning so much!!! The Lord is really stretching me, you could call it the refiners fire for sure! So the MTC is absolutley wonderful. Our mission president and wife are Bro and Sis Walker (Sister Walker...ya is President Hinkleys olderst daughter....ya big deal and he's a big deal too) There are only 6 sisters and 24 elders so we get a lot of personal time with our teachers and with President it's incredible. The sisters here are amazing. I'm actually in a 3some with me Sister Lisa Garlock and Sister Meranda Jones. Garlock is from Provo and Jones Arizon. I'm sure Joey can explain to you what I'm feeling about this 3 some....its tough. Especially we're all head strong girls haha but over all it is just great. I'm learning so much about that I may think my way is the best way but I need to consider their thoughts too. JOEY one of our "Investigators" is a huge bible man I NEED HELP he doesn't believe there was ever an apostocy and that the line of preisthood is still on the earth. I've never read the bible in my life so we were completely stumped...kind embarressing but totally motiviating caust thats the kind of people we're going to see. So I'm pumped to continue to learn this gospel and know it so well that i can teach it with ease. Where I'm at is just trying to learn this gospe that i thought i knew so well haha MAC study preach my gospel...like STUDY IT don't just read through it like I did. I'm kicking myself now cause that's all I did. We went to the temple today and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Just what i needed. yesterday was kinda a tough day. i kinda feel like a fish out of water here. Europeans are very well mannered quiet people....as you can tell....and as you know....i'm not ha So im trying to let God refine me, to make me better so I can be the best missionary he's got. its just finding the balance between having some fun so you don't go insane but making sure that the spirit is always there and that my loud goofy personality doesn't get in the way. But i am determined, determined to do what i have to do to be the best i can be. I hope I answered all your questions :S i love you all so much! Thank you so much mom and dad, thank you for working so hard so that i can be here and encouraging me to follow the spirit to get me here. This experience is absolutely life changing and i also get to change lives it's the best!!! I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! The church is true peeps!!! ;) Till next week XOXO
Love, Sister Brown
ps sorry this is so short :S the keyboards here are different so its taking some getting used too!!

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