Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 31

WE FINALLY MOVED!!! Oh happy day we are out of that flat on Wellington Road and we are now on Trinity Road :) Our neighbors are a couple of really sweet old ladies (Hallelujah).

I sent some pictures of how everything looks! Isn't it just so great!! We're just so happy to be there and out of our other place. The first thing Sister Hall said when we got all moved in was "Awhhh...it smells like New Investigators" haha oh how I love her! We are just so excited for the adventures, the revelations, the memories, and miracles to be had in this new Flat! SO EXCITED!

This week we found a great chinese family! (There are LOADS of Chinese people here in England) So with that comes the GIANT language barrier. We're going to do the best we can to teach them...pray that we get the gift of tounges ha!

Other than that not a whole lot happened this week. Sadly alot of the time there is the "After baptism lul" Where we do the whole..."Ok...now what?" And that what is finding :) We just go out and do what we do best, find those that God and the angels are preparing for our message. I know they're out there, we just got to find them!!

Sorry this email is so short! I wish there was more I could tell you! I'm doing just great! Things here in England are still so beautiful!! The church is true...the book is blue...and Moroni is always on the ball ;) I know my Redeemer lives and while He lives I'LL SING He lives my prophet, preist, my King!! :)

I love you all to the moon and back! Cheers til next week!!

Love, Sister Brown

Week 30

How is everyone!! Things in Brid have calmed down :) We seem to be over the drama...for now ha Since I've been here there seems to be nothing but drama going on...I'm not sure if it's because i got here...or if it's just Brid. From the sounds of it I think it's just Brid ;) But I truly do love it here! The work is moving forward!! Which leads me to...

DANIELLES BAPTISM!!!! :D!!!! Ohhhh happy days days days! (Malory's baby voice) It was a beautiful service! Full of family, friends, and the spirit. We had it early Easter Morning before church because the English don't put ANYTHING over their holidays (Especially their Easter bank holidays ha) So everyone seemed to be away Friday and Saturday so we felt it best to have it Sunday morning so she could be baptized and have the Holy Ghost ASAP

One of the best parts about the baptism was that Danielles Mom and little sister came. Jane (her Mom) LOVED the service and we got a chance to talk to her about it after words and invited her to take the lessons and to be baptized and she said YES! AND she wants all her kids baptized :D!! So we're teaching their WHOLE FAMILY on Thursday!! Woot Woot! Aw....I love being a missionary. It's the best!

I had the wonderful opportunity in Sacrament Meeting to really reflect on the amazing Easter we had. And I was just filled with the spirit of gratitude. I've been thinking about this time last year...that I'm SO grateful that the spirit knocked me over the head in the temple that day a year ago (Can you believe it's been a year since i put my papers in....ya...it's been a YEAR!) So grateful that I was called here. So grateful for the experiences, the people, the knowledge, and testimony I'm gaining...for the person God is shaping me into. Don't get me wrong, missions are tough and A LOT of hard work. But there is no place and no school, job, dating, no experiences in this whole that world would give me what I'm given each day here on my mission.

I am especially grateful for my Saviour. Just like you said Mom and Dad to us every year at Easter. I especially remember one year that Dad gave us each an Easter Egg and most were filled with candy and toys...but one (I think it was Joey's ha) was empty. I remember Joey being all mad that his was empty, but the lesson you taught us I has always stuck with me. Dad I think it was you giving the lesson. I remember you saying something like this, "Joey, you're egg is the most important. You are the luckiest out of all of us to get the one that was empty. Because each egg represents the tomb of the Saviour. And the miracle is...the reason we can live with God again someday as and eternal family...is because the tomb was empty. Always remember and be grateful that the tomb was empty."

That has always stuck with me, "The tomb was empty". I am eternally grateful that the tomb was empty that our Saviour and Redeemer lives. I know he lives and i love being able to tell everyone the Good News of our gospel, that he lives and has restored the fullness of his gospel through a living prophet. Mom I'm so grateful for Joseph Smith too. What courage he had! He gave up EVERYTHING for what he knew.

I love each and everyone of you SOOOO much!! More than i could even describe...the best way I've found to tell you is I love ya to the moon and back!! And I do!! I hope you all have such an amazing week. Thank you so much for your support and love and especially prayers!! Tell Merrick (Elder Taylor) Good luck from me!! Tell him I said the best thing he can do is follow the spirit and be a BOLD missionary!! He's going to be amazing!

PS Anita your Bday card is in the mail!!!! I love you!!!

Til next week! (Which i think is also i bank holiday so it might be another Tuesday letter..)


Love, Sister Brown

Week 29

Hello Everyone!
Welp things here in Birdlington are BUSY which is so great! :) Sister Hall is here and she is so wonderful!! She is 21 from CANADA and has the prettiest smile! She's quiet ha and reserved (ha so I guess there is a reason she's with me because i have NEVER been either of those things) but the spirit is SO strong with her! She is going to be an EPIC missionary!!

From what I've been told the best thing trainers can do for new missionaries is just get them to do everything as soon as possible ha which makes sense in a way. I mean how are we going to learn unless we actually ACT. (James 2:17-26) You said it perfectly right though, yes i may be training her but in a way she's training ME!! I'm learning so much about myself and about how I need to be better for her! I can already tell we're going to get along great!! She is SUCH a sweetheart, hardworking, so caring, and willing to learn. Like I said, she's going to be amazing!!

This week has been....drama filled. Someday (March 2013 probably ;) ) remind me to tell you all about what went down this week. Keyword: Nanci's Fiance....enough said.

This week I learned so much about how God gives us whatever we need he'll never lead us into the dark without a flashlight. Sometimes we do have to take a walk in the dark (Faith) but his light will always guide us where we need to go...the tricky part is choosing to follow the light or let our pride get the best of us and say, "I don't need help, I can find my way on my own." Time and time again I come to realize that Jesus Christ really is my Saviour. None of us can "save" ourselves. We need help haha and for me I need a lot of it ;) But that is when our testimony is strengthened if we let him help us. Those are the moments where the miracles happen.

I know that God lives, that Jesus Christ is my Saviour, my friend, my Redeemer. Through him I can be with my WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, AND SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHTTTEEEOOUUUUSSSS (with voice from the turtles from Finding Nemo) family. I love you all so so so much! I'm so grateful for each of you! Thank you for all you do! I love you all to the moon and back! Til next week Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown