Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 14

Hello my beautiful family!!!!

This is going to be a short email cause i'll be talking to you and seeing your faces THIS WEEK...whoa. Yes 7:30/2:30 works great and skype is going to BE AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to tell you all the miracles i've had this week....for starters...EDWARD PASSED HIS INTERVIEW!!!!! HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY AND CONFIRMED A MEMBER OF THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Best Christmas present ever. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, this miracle wouldn't and couldn't have happend without it. I'll fill you in on the details on SUNDAY!!!! :D!!!!!

Love you all!!!

To the moon and back!!!

Love, Sista Brown :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 13

Hello my wonderful family!!! Oh how i love you!

lets start by answering a few questions!

Boxing Day: Yes it is the day after Christmas...and i'm still not quite sure why the celebrate it... ha I think it's because it's when they clean up all the boxes and packages from Christmas...that's just a guess, i really have no clue!

Talking on Christmas :)!!: So you have some choices either we can talk early morning Christmas (around 6am-9am your time) or it can be around 11-1pm your time...which would be better. Either way it is probably going to be around the time church is. (curse you 7 hour time difference) And yes in both places i could call they have access to skype! So if you would like to skype i'm pretty sure we could!! :) Which would be so fun! I'll have about an hour! I would need to know your skype account and you would have to make me one...i think. So if you could do that and just let me know that would be WONDERFUL!

Transfer calls are the 26th. So i won't know whether i'm staying of going when we talk on Christmas. So it's the weird Pday thing. So the 26th you won't get anything from me but our Pday is on the Tuesday (27th) and then on the Wednesday is the transfer meeting and i'll know for sure who will be my companion and where i'll be :)

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGES!!!! I got them on Tuesday!!! Thank you family and Grandma and Grandpa Taylor!! I haven't opened them yet cause we're saving it for Christmas but thank you so so much! You are so good to this Sister missionary! I love you all!

(Random thing: Raymond or someone smart (ok you're all smart...but we all know who the master tutor is in the family ;) ) Could you email me the formula to convert Fahrenheit (total wrong spelling ha) to Celsius (sp???) and Celsius to Fahrenheit. I know its like 5/9 + 32 or something like that...but they use Celsius here and I'd really like to know how cold it really is haha :) Thanks

This week FLEW!!! I can't believe it's Monday again and we've only got 2 weeks left of this transfer...CRAZY! Things here in Stanley are just great!! It's amazing to me A) How this is truly Gods work. B) How people use (or not use) their agency. C) story about the most amazing family I've had the pleasure to meet while here in Stanley.

 A) This is Gods work. No doubt about that. Why? Because he uses someone as imperfect, flawed, goofy, can't take anything seriously, Sister Brown. There is NO WAY I could be involved in these "coincidences" but it just being me. God is in control!

Story Time:

Once upon a time about 3 weeks after leaving the MTC here in Stanley I came across a man while street contacting. His name was Tom and he had recently lost his wife. She died just 2 years ago and he was still grieving her loss. Very bitter towards God and all that jazz. I prayed "Heavenly Father, this man NEEDS THIS GOSPEL!" I tried to schedule some time where we could see him but he was going on holiday for 3 weeks in Germany. I thought to myself "wow...that stinks. I'm never going to see this man again". Wednesday night (Dec. 7) We were knocking an area that we felt inspired to go to. Sister Freeman was on the phone with someone so i just went to the next door. So i knocked and waited (like usual) and this older gentlemen opened the door. I thought to myself, "Self...he looks familiar...like really familiar" but as you RM may know...we see A LOT OF PEOPLE it's hard to remember who you've seen and who you haven't seen. So i did a normal approach and we both looked at each other and did the whole "I remember you!" Family...it was TOM!!!! We knocked in to Tom...he had JUST gotten back from holiday that Monday. I tell you that this is Gods work. He knows his children and he knows where they are. All we have to do is be living worthy of the spirit and then following the promptings we do get.

B) Oh agency...its a tricky thing. When used right it's SUCH A BLESSING!! We learn, we grow, we are able to do so much good. But when we use our agency in line with Satan or give way to what he wants..well it makes missionary work tough. Needless to say we had that HUGE miracle with Tom-but he's an old man set in his ways. Not interested in progressing. So. Lame.

C) BUT on a lighter note. One of the joys of being a missionary is being able to meet so many people and to learn and grow from their example. Mom you will be so happy to hear this part of the letter because it is about the Robsons. I don't know if I've written about them yet but i've been meaning to. They are my "Mission Family" OH HOW I LOVE THE ROBSONS!!! They are TRULY inspiring! Their conversion to the gospel is a story that i'll have to save for later because who they are today is amazing! I wish i had more time to go into greater detail about them (oooo maybe i can for Christmas!!) but the short story is that there is Debbi and Gordon (Sister and Bro. Robson) and their 3 kids Garreth, Dean, and Shalina. I few years back Gordon was diagnosed with cancer in his leg and over years of ke-therapy and different surgeries to try to save his leg eventually it had to be amputated. He is a walking miracle. He may only have one leg but that doesn't hold him back one bit! He is a spiritual giant and helps us in every way that he can with out work. Debbi is truly our "Mission Mom". She (and the rest of the family) take SUCH good care of us. For example: They bought us groceries a few weeks back, they have us for Tea (dinner) as much as they can, and they always make sure we have everything we need. Whether it be soup for when we're sick, or helping us with our investigators. And their daughter Shalina, OH HOW I LOVE HER! She takes such good care of us too! Like buying us new shoes because the ones we have are hammered because of all the walking we do. I am SO GRATEFUL for them and all they do for us. They inspire me to press on when things are hard, to love everyone no matter what, and to be an eternal missionary. I wish there was a way that i could repay all that they have done from me and all that their example has taught me. (if anyone has any ideas how i could do that...that would be great :) )

I have learned so much while being here in Stanley. I really would hate to leave! I love being a missionary! Even though it has been the hardest thing i've ever had to do, it's been the most rewarding.

I love you all so so so much!! Good luck with finals, Mal and your audition, and everything going on!!

I love you to the moon and back!

Love, Sister Brown

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 12


Hola! Como esta? (Welcome to the memory of Joey's letters...I'm so glad you could come ;) )

Ha just kidding! Lets try this again!


Hey ya! You allight?! (yes...this is how we great eachother here in jolly ol england)

How is everyone!? From the sounds of it my email had a virus on it and i gave you my cold mum. I'm so so sorry, if it's the one i had it waw CRUMMY! I just so happened to give it to Sister Freeman but her body seems to be fighting it better than mine did :S. Get feelin better Mum!

We saw many miracles this week but one of them SURELY came from the fast this Sunday. THANK YOU so much for the fast, i tell you MIRACLES HAPPENED on Sunday. So our goal for the mission is 425 baptisems this year and if each companionship in the whole mission gets 1 baptisem this month we'll reach our goal. So we started teaching this man/hobo (yes he's kinda a hobo but we love him...even though he does smell....YES we love him) and he's been coming to church for the past 2 years but hasn't let any missionaries teach him but FINALLY he said that we could. So the past week we've been teaching him and STRIVING to get him to have an answer to his prayers about being baptized this month. For some reason (the spirit it the best) we felt prompted that he needed to be baptized on the 17th so i dedicated my fast that he would recieve an answer. So ALL this week he's been randomly opening up the BOM and the passages he's been reading have been all about (drum roll please...) BAPTISEM! Coinsidence...i THINK NOT! But he still wasn't seeing that that was a SIGN FROM GOD that he should be baptized. So we fasted and prayed.......and at church i was talking to him and he just looked SO HAPPY! So i said, "Edward, you look so happy today! Did you get your answer!?" and he just smiled and said that he had. Earlier that morning he prayed and said, "Should i be baptized on the 17th?" and he opened the book of mormon to....3 Nephi....Chapter....17!!!!!!!!! And that was his answer, that he's supposed to be baptized on the 17th! I PRAY THAT ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN!!!!! After being here for almost 3 months i've realized that Satan...he's a baller. He plays his game...and he plays it well. But i'm on the winning team, i just have to practice my skills SO HARD and pray with all my might. Putting as much faith as i can and i know God will help us!

I love you all so much!!!! To the moon and back!!! Take Care! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 11

Oh how i loved all those pictures!! Merrick thanks for eating all those mashed potatoes for me!! Thank you so much for your love and support everyone! i just love you all so so so much!! And yes i did feel that prayer of Thanksgiving and i'll tell you why...So it would have been thankgiving time there in Idaho time but here it was friday...and we found....4 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. I feel them everyday, truly. JILLIAN!!!! GAAAAA YOU MADE FIDDLER!! (is anyone surprised? Not me cause my sister is AMAZING!!) Keep me posted on how things go!! And that jerky story HILAROUS! I've got a little bit of a cold so when i read that story i just about had a couging attack from the laughing! Love you Yackm :) Mal Pal, oh how you insipire me. COMPETITION!!! GAAA!!! Keep me posted on that as well!

I'm glad you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! My thanksgiving consisted of...drum roll please....indian food. (I don't know what it is about the english but they love a good curry ha) I could truly feel the love and prayers all the way over here in Durham! I love you so much fam!

This week was SO GREAT! On Tusday and Wednesday we had Sister Specialized Training at the mission home in Leeds. It was wonderful!!! The focus was on doing the little things for people that matter the most. We watched that Lighthouse video (the older Seminary one...about the guy who gave random things in his will to random people who had done and act of kindness to him that changed his life...you know the one i'm talking about?? I'm pretty sure we watched it for FHE once upon a time) it was soooo good! You truly never know how a little act of kindness can make the difference in somones life. We also focused on love, how love changes everything. There is a sister here named Sister White (oh man i want to be like her ha) She said that one of the most important thing she learned was loving people, and seeing them how God sees them. She said that each morning she prayed, "Please bless i can show maybe just one, just one person how much you love them today. That in some way they can feel through me your love." That hit me so hard. When we knock on doors we only have just seconds to tell them our message, but i never thought about leaving behind love. Oh how that made all the difference this week. Focusing on "How much does God love this person...How can i show them how much God loves them...how much he yerns for them to come back home". That is what his work is all about. Love. i LOVED Sister Speicalized Training! We (all of us sisters in the whole mission...which is only like 20 of us ha) were able to spend some quality time with each other (which doesn't happen ha cause we're all spread out pretty far from each other) and to learn and grow. Also to spend some time with President and Sister Lindley. They are SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!

Can you beleive it's December on Thursday?! Time is just FLYING!!! Less then 4 weeks i'll be talking with the people i love the most!! How wonderful will that be :) I love you all so so much and I hope this week is a happy one! I love to the moon and back! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown

 Ok i'm sure your wondering "what's with the hats...the wierd hats..." So during the Royal Wedding England went crazy over hats. A lot of people wore weirdo hats at and for the wedding (ha google it ;) ) so Sister Lindley was able to get some of them at the charity shops around here ha so we had an old fashioned Tea Party :) It was SOOO FUN!
Ha i took this while the wind was literally 100 MPH...no joke and it was raining :) Oh how i love this work!! :D

Week 10

Hey ya Family!

How is everyone doing this week?! I hope just wonderfuly! So is anyone else weirded out that Thanksgiving is this week...i know i am! Time is just flying! In a few days it will be December and then in a few short weeks i'll be TALKIN TO THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!! Has it crossed anyone elses minds that this will be the 3rd year in a row for our family to talk to one of our missionaries :D This time it will be me on the other end.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Old lady in Sunday School commenting on obedience "Well me personally, i like to sin at least once a day. Because then at the end of the day when i talk to God i can ask for forgiveness and feel how much he loves me!" BAHAHA (I almost lost it in church...absolutely lost it when church was over though...so funny. LOVE that lady (Sister Shearer))

This week went by SO FAST! I can't believe i'm at the computer screen again :) Since it's Turkey Day this week and we don't celebrate it here I wanted to go through all the things i'm thankful for...which is a lot but i'll just name a few :)

I'm grateful missionary work and this oppertunity i have to be a disciple of Christ.

These months have been some of the hardest but most rewarding days of my life. The people i have met, the things i've learned, the time i've had to study the scriptures, have been priceless. And i've still got 16 more months of this! (Anyone who thinks (boys or girls) they want to serve a mission or even that it's not for them...THINK AGAIN! Missions are the best thing you could do for yourself! JUST DO IT!)

I'm grateful for my investigators

Especially Malcom. So sadly...earth shattering sadly. We felt guided and prompted by the Holy Ghost that the best thing we could do for him this week was to drop him. He wasn't progressing at all. The last 4 times we saw him we was completely wasted and not in place where he could give up alcohol. Thats one of the downfalls of agency..is that we all have it and we choose to use it. He chose alcohol. So we told him we loved him and that we had done all we could-gave him all the tools he needs to be better. But that we couldn't see him anymore. I cried like a little baby haha I just love him so much. He has changed my life forever and i hope that someday he figures out that he needs to stop drinking. Cause he knows the book of mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he knows the church is true. He just needs to live it.

I'm grateful for President Lindley.

I don't care what you RM's say my mission president trumps your any day!! :) ;) He called us this week about Brian. Brian is still just so hard hearted and we can't seem to get through to him. He just wants to do his life his way-doesn't care what God wants him to do. So president Lindley called us this week and got Brians number from us so that he could call him and encourage him to be baptized this year (back story: So president was the one who interviewed Brian for baptism back in October because of Brians criminal past) President knows Brian and loves him just as much as we do. I so appreciate him and all that he does for us and is willing to do to bring Gods children back into the fold :) He's SO wonderful!

I'm grateful for the amazing members in the Stanley Ward

OH they are wonderful! i wish i could go into detail about everyone of them. They are wonderful, they take such good care of us and are so involved in the work that we do here! Fam be involved in the missionary work in your ward!! Do all you can for the missionaries! Give them refferals, go out teaching with them, invite them over for dinner. We can't do our work without the support of the members, the bishopric, our ward mission leader, and the ward council.

I'm so grateful for my family.

I don't know if you know them ;) but my family is the best! You have always been so supportive of me, loving, caring, and especially patient (oh the patience you've had with me over the years...) Thank you. I don't think i could ever say it enough. I wouldn't be out here if you hadn't encouraged me to go, i wouldn't have been able to stay here if it wasn't for your love, encouragement, examples, and prayers. I love you all so so so much!!!

I hope you have such an amazing week this week! Read your scriptures, pray-really talk with God! He's always there. I know this church is true. I know God lives and that the biggest act of love that he has given us is our Savior Jesus Christ. The attonement is and will be the biggest, greatest, most eternal act of love that man kind will ever know. I am so grateful to my Savior. "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, confused at the grace that so fully to proffers me, i tremble to know that for ME (all of us) he was crucified, that for me a SINNER he SUFFERED he bled and died. Oh it is wonderful that he should care for me ENOUGH TO DIE FOR ME!! Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me!"

i love you all so much! To the moon and back! :) Cheers til next week! Turrah!

Love, Sister Brown :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 9

How are you?! The play is over :( But i'm so glad that you EXTENDED!!!!! GAAA!! I'm sure it was magical!!! And now on to competition season...time is FLYING! Today is my 2 month mark! Can you believe it's been 2 months! AND can you believe in 6 weeks it will be CHRISTMAS?!?!?!? soooo crazy! Mckay...is filling out...his mission papers....WHOA!!!!!!! YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR PAPERS DECEMBER 3RD?!?!?!?!?! THAT'S IN LIKE....3 WEEKS!!!!!! YAKCM!!!!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!!! You HAVE TO let me know how everything goes!! I hope everyone is doing so so so good!!
Well let me explain why it is that you didn't get an email yesterday. So it was transfer week this week (week 6) What ends up happening is on the 6th week we have District Meeting on Monday (we usually have it on Wednesday) and we get transfer calls that night. Then our PDay is the next day (Tuesday). So that is how it will work next time too....but i believe it will be Christmas so it will work just a little differently...but normally that is how it works. So every 6th Monday you won't get a letter til the next day :) Sorry if there was any confusion, i know that if we didn't get a letter from Joey on the day it was supposed to come haha it got manic :)
Thank you Grandma Brown for the letter and copies you sent! You're wonderful!
And thank you everyone for your letters! (You know who you are ;) ) I so appreciate all of your love and support!
This week was pretty crazy!! We had Zone Confrence on Tuesday (11/8) THEN we went on EXCHANGES :) Sister Freeman stayed in Stanley with Sister Smith and I went to Redcar (yes this place is literally called Redcar) with Sister Stout!
Zone Conference was amazing!!! President started out by saying, "Ok everyone...what if i told you that i had 3 buses outside and that you need to grab your recommends..we're going to the temple?" Of course we all freaked out (because we dont' have a temple in our mission so we can't go while we're here...sad day) haha so he then said "Well I'm sorry to say that i don't have any buses...but i have tried my very hardest to bring the temple to you" Then he talked a lot about the temple and all the meanings and things. OH IT WAS WONDERFUL!! You know how much this Sister LOVES the temple, i learned sooo much!
So mom remeber how you said that you met Sister Taylor's mom haha ya i totally met her at Zone Conference! She is WONDERFUL, i sat by her through the whole thing!! We talked about home and the play and how bumbed we were that we couldn't see it but knew it was going to be fabulous!! (which i'm still sure it was!) It was so wonderful to meet some more of the sisters and elders there and to partake of the wonderful spirit that was there!
After Zone Conference (like i said) we went on exchange!! Which was SO MUCH FUN!! Me and Sister Stout just bonded instantly! We had a great time together and with their investigators! We were able to schedule some to be baptized this month! Her name is Julie and she is WONDERUL!! Her spirit was just so lovely, she was an absolute joy to meet and to be around.
So funny story of the month! HA So me and Sister Stout are both Greenies so we don't really have any idea of what we're doing for the most part. So to get back to stanley we were planning on taking the train that would take us to Durham where S. Freeman and Smith would be to pick us up. Well we went on the train from Redcar to....somewhere that starts with a D...i can't remember. BUT we got there to switch trains and then head to Stanley. We get there...and our train doesn't come....we wait...and our train STILL hasn't come. Then on the monitor it says that it's been delayed. Ok we think "No big deal we'll just wait". 30 minutes pass and we're wondering what is going on ha Then over the loud speaker we hear "All NewCastle/Durham trains have been canceled. Due to a murder/suicide of someone jumping out in front of one of the trains you will have to find other means for transportation...." We look at each other and just say, "What in the world?!" haha So we ended up being STRANDED at the train station for 2.5 hours waiting for the Zone Leaders to come get us because we had no other way of getting back home.
So many times so far on my mission i think "If only my mother could see me now" haha But don't worry i got back safe and sound to dear Stanley safe and sound.
This week was wonderful! Full of knowledge, growing, faith, the Holy Ghost, love, the ups and downs of this work. I truly love it!
Transfers calls were yesterday and things are stayin the same here in Stanley. Me and Sister Freeman are stayin together. (They usually keep Greenies with their trainers for at least 2 transfers) I can't believe it's already been a transfer and i'm heading into my 2nd! Time is just flying by!
I hope all is so well for each and everyone of you!! I hope you're reading your scriptures and praying EVERY NIGHT!! And McKay start getting familiar with Preach my Gospel! I SOOO wish i had done more studying (not just passive reading ha) of it before i came! You are going to be an epic missionary! i just know it!!!
I love you all to the moon and back! Til Next week! Cheers!
-Love, Sister Brown


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 8


Oh how i love each of you so so so much!

1st. ok Jill and Ray...I mean Mario..Luigi (Kong out of Jungle?! Banana! hahahaha!!!) I loved your costumes!!! They were truly AMAZING!! And Danny look at you and your wonderful missionary self!!! One day you're going to be an amazing missionary!!!

2nd You ran into sister taylors MOM?! I haven't met her, but Sister Freeman knows her pretty well. apparently she gets home in December...crazy

3rd LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I'm not gonna lie....oh how i wish i was there!!!! but alas, i am here saving souls ha. From what i've heard its been amazing!!!!!! Mal i am just so proud of you! Keep letting your light shine!! You're wonderful!!!

4th MOM 2:30 in the MORNING?!?! You've gotta get to bed my beautiful mum!! :)

5th (because i COMPLETELY forgot to say anything in my email last week and felt absolutely HORRIBLE for not saying a word) MERRICK!!!! GGGGAAAAAAA YOU'RE GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D!!!!!!! So there was an Elder in my MTC district that was from Zew Zealand and he was THE BOMB!!! You will absolutely love it there and the people are going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Quote of the Week:

Random Chick: "I don't believe in God...i believe in science (no joke, she said it...but not with the mexican accent like in Nacho Libre...but with that wonderful british accent i hear ALL DAY) but i do believe in Jesus Christ

Me inside my head: "How can you believe in Jesus Christ but now believe in God...he's the SON of GOD"

Random Chick says to Random Drunk Friend: Ya Jesus Christ was like the coolest ginger ever!

(So that is what they call people with redish hair here...ginger. So malory (and dad in his younger years ;) ) in case you didn't already know...you're a ginger :)

This week was...interesting to say the least ha! Halloween we weren't allowed to go out knocking (for obvious reasons) so we had to make sure we had appointments set up or if they flogged (british word for TOTALLY bailing on us, not showing up, telling us they would be there but we knock and no one is home) we would have to set up "effective member visits" (...member visits are RARELY effective ha) We had to do this same thing on Saturday (Jill and Rays BDay haha i bet you didn't know that your birthday is a holiday here in dear Ol England) It was Bonefire Night aka Guy Fox night. (Guy Fox was that guy WAY back in the day who tried to blow up parlament ha) So it is truly one of the craziest holidays here. Its like the 4th of the July on steroids! They have TONS of loud HUGE firworks and GYNORMOUS bonefires in their yards. Imagine a huge thing of wood about the size of the shed...then lit on fire so its about as big as the house...now imagine it IN OUR FRONT YARD!!!!! ya these people are quite the pyros to say the least. So that night to we weren't allowed to go knocking...but we didn't know this until the night before...so we had a lot of "effective member visits" cause we didn't have any appoinments :(

But earlier on this week was a bit of a hard one.

A. My little sister is in the middle of her Senior year crowinging moment playing Eponine...in Les Mis...which is something that is very dear to my family.

B. It was my sisters Bday this week...oh how i love and miss her


D. which was the cherry on the cake of downer-dome. Malcom relapsed atomically this week. We found him quite wasted (to say the least) earlier this week. I have never seen someone so broken, so sad, so devistated, so hurt, so ashamed...just broken in my whole life. Me, Sister Freeman, and the member that was with us just cried with him...we all just cried. But even in the tears of sorrow, worry, regret, the spirit was so strong there. After that lesson we were a mess, we just sat in the car and cried for him. So I asked if we could say a prayer, find some direction, find the way to help him.


God (aka the spirit) spoke to me. (ok I didn't hear a voice he didn't really "speak" to me....but there have been few times in my life where it has been SO CLEAR what i should do and what my purpose is...this was one of those times...)

I knew exactly what my purpose was. In the prayer i asked for a miracle...we needed a miracle. We can't be with malcom every minute of the day making sure he's being protected from his HORRIBLE FRIENDS. He has no one, his family has completely disowned him because of his drinking. We needed a miracle...

And plainer then i can even describe the spirit told me "Taylor, you are Malcom's miracle. You have been sent here by me to save him, to be his miracle. Without you he will fall (possibly die). Don't give up. You are his support, you are his gaurdian angle...you...are...his...miracle."

And then the peace flooded. ABSOLUTELY FLOODED!!! I knew exactly what i needed to do, what we needed to do. I know that Malcom is one of those souls in heaven that i promised i would help and i WILL help him. I know I can, because with God on my side anything is possible. I know it.

Never doubt the things that we are capable of-God has given us the gospel for a purpose. We have been born into this knowledge to save souls...and not just souls-specific people. There are people for each of us that we promised we would bring them the gospel so that they could come back home. It is our responsibility to find them, share with them, smile at them, love them, be examples too. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

I love this work, i love this gospel, i love my family :)

Fasting this week was EPIC! As a mission our goal for the year is 425 baptisms (not as many as a certain someone in el salvedor baptised in his years in S. America...but thats a lot here in the UK) and we're about 100 short. We have 2 months to baptize 100 souls. So our fast this month was to have the faith to find them. Believe that they are out there and that we can get them into the kingdom of God. I know anything is possible because of this fast. Last night I had so much faith, so much motiviation to find them and i know i couldn't have done it without God. Without my Savior...because this week was tough. But last night i was so happy, so pumped, SO motivated, i had so much faith at each door. I know that this was only possible because of the faith, prayers, fasting, of our mission and because of the paryers and fasting at home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! I truly couldn't do this without the support and love of each of you!! Thank you so much for you love, your letters, your prayers especially.

I know this church is true and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

I hope this week is absolutely wonderful!! My heart is there on stage with ya Mal and my heart is in the audience cheering you on...the loudest one there (cause i usually am inappropiately loud...which then makes me thing of my beautiful mum shhhushhhing me...which then makes me thing of my wonderful sibs who would be just as loud as i was being. Then Dad giving us the thumbs up :) )

I love you all so much!!! To the moon and back!! Turrah til next week! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 7

HELLO EVERYONE!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN...but more importantly....
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER JILLIAN KAE DURHAM AND HER FABULOUS HUSBAND RAYMOND ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! ( i was planning on doing a video for you both...but time did not allow it :( ) (maybe next week....maybe) I hope you both have such a fun birthday!!!

So funny quote of the week: Yesterday October 30, 2011

Me: Knock! Knock! Knock! (on the door)

Random child yells through the letter box on the door: COME BACK TOMORROW!!!

Me: "ummm....well...we're not trick-or-treat'ers....."

Haha this same thing happened a lot last night as we went knocking....yes we're too old to be out trick-or-treating...thats why we're not...we're bringing you ETERNAL SALVATION :D

This week we truly saw the hand of God guiding us to those he has prepared, but we also saw the ugly face of the devil who just wants to bring us all down to the depths of despair where he himself lives.

One of the miracles this week is Jim Hall :)

We were knocking in an area that we felt inspired to go to...and of course by the end of our time there we said "ok lets just knock one more door" and of course that is where Jim lived (it's always the last door :) ) He opened the door and said "Oh come on in! I have friends who are Mormons!" His friends just so happen to be a couple who live in OUR WARD, it's Bro and Sister Smith. So we get chatting with him and he lost his wife a few years ago to cancer (tragic story :( ) and was now looking for a new belief in God. Wondering if he'll ever see his wife again etc. And of course we are just the right people to be talking to for those kind of questions :) So we gave him the first lesson and mixed in a little of the Plan of Salvation. We're planning on seeing him next week and Bro and Sister Smith said they'd pick him up for church. Well we were so excited about finding Jim that we called the Smiths to tell them. I talked to Brother Smith first and he just couldn't believe it ha he handed the phone over to Sister Smith and i told her what happened and she just started to cry. She had been life long friends with Jim's wife. They grew up together and as they got married they stayed really really close. After the death of her dear friend she started getting promptings to have the missionaries sent to Jim but she kinda brushed it off. BUT i guess as of lately she had a dream that Jim's wife came to her and told her to get her work done in the temple and to send the missionaries to Jim. I just started to cry!!! What a miracle. The Holy Ghost truly is amazing!! How he sends us to those who are prepared to hear the gospel. We still have a long ways to go with Jim but I know we can get him ready for baptism so he can be someday sealed to his sweet sweet wife.

I also learned at how good Satan is at his job....ok he's THE WORST!!!!!!

So it was HOURS before Brian and Danielles baptism...ok wait i might need to back up the story....

The day before the baptism (Thursday) we had a powerful lesson with them about the Holy Ghost and the preisthood. about how someday Brian could receive the preisthood and then they could someday be sealed in the temple (so powerful!! ahhh the spirit was there so strong) and Brian we SO excited about his baptism! he was inviting everyone "come to my baptism! Come to my baptism!" and sweet sweet danielle. oh she's wonderful! She just couldn't stop smiling! She was just so excited to have the holy ghost always

So HOURS before the baptism we get a call from Brian. Now we were on our way to Durham so Sis. Freeman was driving so i had to answer the phone. I then hear this, Brain: Hey, I’m not getting baptized...i just wrecked half my house and I’ve been smoking nonstop all day...I’ve been through about 20 cigarettes...." Sadness, devastation, frustration, anger, all these emotions just flood!!!! The background to this story is that before Brian and Danielle met the missionaries they had their 2 kids taken away from them. So they've been really trying to turn their lives around so they can get their kids back. That Friday morning they got a call that they had lost the appeal and they were not getting their kids back. They have one more last visit with them this week. Unless they can come up with £14,000 (basically $15,000.00) to fight another appeal they won’t' ever get their kids back. Well Brian has quite the temper...and apparently he went crazy and completely (to say the least) broke everything in their house and started smoking...big time. So he didn't get baptized on Friday....BUT sweet, wonderful Danielle did. And that was the biggest lesson there. Danielle from the beginning has been converted! She loves God and wants to do his will, she wants to be better...Brian is still very selfish and wants to do and be the person he is. He only wants to change when it's convenient for him. So he is not yet converted. Which is in a way a blessing. It's better than we see the true testimony that he has then have him be baptized and make those covenants if he was never going to keep them. So we hope to get him back in line and on track. Right now he really has no desire to change cause he feels like he has no hope. his hope was his children...and now he feels he has nothing left. BUT that is the amazing thing about this gospel and the attonment of our LOVING Savior Jesus Christ. He can heal everyone and anyone!

That's what we keep telling Malcom. Oh how i love this drunken man haha! I wish you could meet him! Imagine a 5'8 bald man and he's about the most "free spirit, free love, hippiest man" I've ever met. BUT he is SOOO sincere. He truly wants to change, he wants to be better, he wants to find direction and God more than i've ever seen anyone. He has been looking for God his whole life and I KNOW he will enter the waters of baptisem. We just need to get him off the alcohol so his mind can except it (ha i don't know if you've seen any drunk people...but their minds are A LOT clouded) We'll get him there! I know we will because the attonment helps and heals EVERYONE!

I love you all so so sooooo so much! I hope you have such a great week!!! GOOD LUCK MAL PAL!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!! GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG FROM ME!!!! I love you all to the moon and back!!! :D

Love, Sister Brown

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 6

     This week FLEW by for me! I can't believe it is already Pday again and i'm at the local library writing my wonderful family! This week I would like to title "Go to the lady on the end!!! She loves Jesus!!" (brought to you by 10 year old english boy who yelled at us while we were knocking doors...who then proceeded to ask me if i had a boyfriend...hahaha! i love children and i love this work!!)

     This week I definitely saw the highs and lows of this work, but an eternal blessing in following the spirit. Yesterday we watched the Thomas S Monson movie with Brian and Danielle so they could have a better understanding of modern day prophets and our current one. i hadn't seen the movie before so i was excited to see it. He told of his experiences with following the spirit EXACTLY no matter how rediculous our "oh so very human" brains might think it is. This is the lesson i learned this week. That now and and for forever i Taylor Jean Brown will follow the promptings of the spirit EXACTLY and RIGHT WHEN I AM PROMPTED no matter how rediculous my logic thinks it is. This lesson comes with story.

Helen...oh Helen. How we love her!

     She is one of our progressing investigators who has quite the stack of medical issues (lupus, MS) and a 3 year old girl who runs around just about as much as Mattie (I'm sure Jillie can relate). but through all this she has the most positive attitude. So with all this we have a heard time progressing her because getting her to church is a struggle cause she has these medical issues that keep her at home. And she can't fully be commited to baptism unless she's been to church twice. So with these obsticles we can't really for sure set a date with her. (well and because she doesn't really know if it's true yet either) BUT the spirit and the will of God always trump what we wee sisters think is right. So friday and saturday me and Sis. F have this overwhelming feeling of "commit her to baptism for October 28th"....in 2 weeks. We try to fight off this feeling with our logic but the spirit tells us again to just do it, we don't need to understand why, just do it. So to have her ready for baptism we would have to teach her Lesson 3, Word of Wisdom, Law of Tithing, Law of Chastity, Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and the rest of the Commandments...in one week to have her prepared for her baptismal invterview....so with all of that on our plates we trusted the spirit and did what we were told. We then came to learn all the opposition she is getting from her family especially from her Mum. (Her mother in VERY Catholic and is very not happy that her daughter is talking with the Mormons...not good) So we left her very confused as to why we needed to invite her to baptism because she is CLEARLY NOT READY and to this very moment we still have no idea why we were prompted. We hope that someday soon we will know why we were prompted to urnestly to invite her, but all i know is that God is in control. And he knows Helen perfectly, all i can do is be an instrument in his hands. And i know he'll guide us continually on how to best help her!

     I am also learning how the "utah bubble" is not a bubble...it is an ATOMIC CAGE OF PROTECTION!!! haha meaning that i am so grateful that i grew up in a sheltered place where my testimony could be protected from the craziness of this world we live in. Story number 2:

Malcom....haha! OH Malcom

     As you well know i Taylor Jean Brown have not spent any kind of time around people who choose to drink...i have now been privilaged enough to witness the effects of alcohol abuse and how this man was ABSOLUTELY TRASHED!!! Ha i have never seen someone so high up in the sky...no the UNIVERSE as this man Malcom. but with that said i have never had quite the spiritual experience i had because of him before either.

     Malcom was on the "Potential Investigators" list that S. Freeman and her former companion (S.Evens) kept. (people they contacted but never really got around to teaching) so I called him up and he was so very excited to meet with us. So we went over and he was...wasted, but not completely trashed. We tried to teach his the first lesson but he has so many other questions and he wasn't really able to focus. So we set up a return appointmet (which was yesterday) well this time he was TRASHED we tried to watch the Restoration/ Joseph Smith video with him. I think he felt something, but the thing about alcohol is that is really messes up your mind. But while talking with him i felt over come with the love that God has for him. I could feel what God feels for him and how important it was to be patient with him and to focus our efforts to try to get him off of alcohol, that he has been prepared and that he would except our message if he had some kind of clarity. I know Malcom has been prepared, he goes on and on and on about how he has searched his whole life for the truth but just can't seem to find it. I was over come with the spirit and flat out told him "Malcom, God will not show you what your looking for if you are not in a state of mind where you can't recieve it. YOU HAVE TO STOP DRINKING!!" In his drunkin state he promised me that he'd stop-and we have an appoinment set up to see him tomorrow. I PRAY that next time we see him his mind will be clear cause i truly feel he is one of the people i promised in heaven that i would bring the gospel to. i have only had that strong impression twice while i've been here. once with malcom and once with a lady who i don't even know her name...but i will :)

We've been listening to the new Nashville Tribute: for missionary work (you have to get it it's SOOO GOOOD!! Joey would love it!) One of thel lyrics to the songs go like this:


I was born in Oklahoma where the hills roll on and on

I was born of humble converts...and i'm here to pay it forward


We are here to serve our King, children of the most high

And this is good news that we bring!!!

As we labor, gladly bringing souls to Christ!!!

Last line of song:

We are children of the Father...an army of his sons and daughters....

I love this work!!! I love this gospel. I am truly blessed to be numbered and to be a member of this Latter-Day Army of Helemen. i know it's the only perfect truth we have on this Earth and i love being able to see the change in peoples lives as they except this gospel!

I love you all soo so so so much! To the moon and back!!!!! Good luck this week with all the busy-ness that comes!! Till next Monday!

Love, Sister Brown

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 5

Hello wonderful family!!
 I would like to call this week "Miracles happen when you're in tune with the spirit"
One of the miracles we saw this week was that Brian and Danielle both cleared Presidents mission interview so THEY'RE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! October 28th is the official date because Brian still needs some time to quit smoking but i know that through prayer God will help him!! Our lesson with Alan...went ok. the spirit was so strong but he still kept saying "That's great, but its really not something that would be important to me" so Sister Freeman said we should probably drop him, but we're going to go back one more time tonight and teach him the Plan of Salvation and see how that goes. We are also teaching a lady named Helen (she is wonderful!) She has a lot of medical problems associated with her lupus so it's hard to get her to church but we had a powerful restoration lesson with her this week where she kept saying "ya that makes sense...i totally see why it would have to be like that" it was amazing!!!
One of the harder things we're trying to work on is finding new investigators. So we've been working on our "door approaches" trying to get some variety so we're not saying the same thing to everyone (because everyone is different and needs different things) and that seems to be working, we have a few really good potentials that we hope will turn into new investigators.
The miracles that happened his week were
1. I feel like i'm getting better at understanding the spirit haha cause when we talk to people we have no idea what they need, but the spirit does. So in deserning what i'm supposed to say is slowly but surely getting better :)
2. (prepare for an amazing story :) ) So me and Sister Freeman went on splits with members on Friday which was a ton of fun. I went with our 17 year old member Jade who is hilarious. So we were knocking a door (and I was by myself so I had no idea what I was doing...man I'm so green I'm glowing!) and this Japanese looking lady answered the door and looked so happy to see us and said "I am so glad you're here!!!!! I've been looking for a church to go to! Come in!!" Ok apparently that is a big deal because I told Sister Freeman and she feaked out and then our DL and ZL freaked out too ha. So we went in and I taught her the first lesson (well at least tried :S like I said I am very new to this mission thing so I think it went ok) she wants to hear more about it and we have an appointment set up with her next Sunday! It truly is amazing what the spirit will do for us, there are a lot of times where i've been prompted to say thing and I'll say it and it will be exactly what that person needs to hear. I do know that if we're constently pleading and searching for the spirit that it will be given to us, and we'll know what to do. We just have to ask and pray for it.
Funny (well I thought it was funny story) of the week
SO yesterday evening we were out in an area tracting and as all of you know, I sister Taylor Jean Brown am not at all aware of my siroundings...well in the process of not being aware I completely stepped in wet cement! WET CEMENT!!! So at first I felt really bad cause I had messed up the cement, so I apologized and tried to make it right-see if there was anything I could do. but the people whose cement I stepped in didn't seem to worried about it. So we walked away and of course I just so happen to be really good at laughing at the stupid things I constently do. so I started laughing pretty hard...Sister Freeman didn't think it was too funny but if made me think about all the rejection, cold, being a greeny things that have been a struggle and how I needed that laugh more than anything. Sometimes we really do just need to laugh about the things that happen and take heart that our Heavenly Father is in control.
To answer your questions, yes you (as in family members) can send letters to my flat (not packages though..send those to the mission home) but every week at district meeting we get our mail from the mission home so even if you do send it to the mission home I still get it that week. I'm gonna end this kinda short cause I want to be able to send you pictures but know that I love you all and thank you SOOOOO much for your prayers and putting my name in the temple. i so feel it here! I love this work and how it is constently pushing me to be and do better. I love teaching the gospel and seeing how it truly changes lives!! Have a great week family and be safe! Take care of Mom everyone for me!!! I love you all to the moon and back!!!
Love, Sister Brown

Sister Brown in England!!

This is Sister Olsen.  She is the sister I got the very closest with in the MTC She is now in the Scotland Ireland Mission.


This is our flat :)

Mission President and my companion Sister Freeman

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 4

oh how i love my momma and my family!!!
first of all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE NEPHEW MATTHEW!!!! i was thinking about you all day on the 7th! i hope you had such a great day and that you know you aunt tay tay loves you soooooo much!!!!!!! and don't you worry i'm getting a happy bday card to you today!!!! i love you!!
HELLO EVERYONE!!! Have i got news for you and some time to answer all of your questions!!!! :D!

How is your new area?
Wonderful!!! I'm in the northern area of Sunderland! But you will never guess where i am specifically....DURHAM!!!!! coincidence...i think NOT!!! it's the county of Durham but the city of Stanley! Oh its wonderful here!!! Its been pretty cold, windy, and rainy but nothing that this sister can't handle ;) i'm SO glad we got me that coat before i got here, it is working wonderfully!
 Where is Sister Freeman from and how long has she been out?
She is from EVERYWHERE!! she has moved around 25 different times but before she left for her mission she was in arizon..but apparently her family is in idaho now ha. She has been out a grand total of....3 months. So she has been...i wouldn't say freakin out but freaking out that she is my trainer, cause she is basically a greeny herself. Sometimes it's like the "blind leading the blind" but God has a reason for everything!! but even her lack of experience has made me stronger!!! i'm so grateful for it!
 What was your favorite thing you ate this week?
EVERYTHING!! Our ward is absolutely wonderful! We basically have dinner (aka Tea...thats what they call it here) appoinments almost everyday. They feed us alot of vegetables which i love!!! I'd have to say specifically we ate some cabbage yesterday with the Knox's and it was super good 
what was you least favorite thing you ate?
ummmm not really anything yet ha everything has been wonderful!
 Is it cold yet?
ha it's about as cold as st. george gets in the winter, so totally manageable. i do a lot of layering!! :) 
Where do you live, what is the "flat" like, do you share it with any other missionaries?
My flat address is:
12 Ridley Street
Stanly DH9 0PD (that's a zero not an "O")
Co Durham
My flat is great!!! and it's just me and Sister Freeman. I'll take some pictures of it for next time cause its kinda hard to describe 
What was Church like?
So great! and a little overwhelming ha there is just a lot of people i dont know but i'm so looking forward to meeing and knowing everyone. i did get to bare my testimony and introduce myself a little bit. but the members are absolutly wonderful and love missionary work. we have loads of members totally willingn to go out and teach with us. its amazing!! 
Do you have a church house like here or is it a branch?
Its like the brick one we have. Little but effective :)
 How far away do you live from the mission home?
We're about 2hrs North of the Mission home
 Did you get your package with the pillowcase and journal
YES!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I absolutly love the pillow case and the goodies ESPECIALLY THE PEANUT BUTTER!!!! i was only able to get a loaf of bread when i got here so i've been living off of PB and J so you saved my life haha. PB is a hot item around here...basically it's golden because it's foreign...i guess the pb they have here is gross so thank you so much for the gold!!! And thank you for the letters i got one from mom, jill, malory, and grandma! than you so much! I'll hopefully have some time today that i can write you all back!!
It's good to hear that everyone is doing well!!
So this week i would like to call it "knock knock knock knock knock/ learn learn learn learn learn" ha
Everyday the night before we look at our area map and pick streets that we feel God wants us to go because that's where his prepared children are. So we go and we knock ha and a lot of the time either their not home or not intersted but it's the best!!! i truly love it! (joey do you have any good finding approaches i could use??) Or we have some people we have set up to teach...which this week have flogged us (ditched/didn't show up) which isn't the best but you know me..that WILL NOT get me down :) I'm so looking forward to this week cause it will be a week where i actually know what i'm doing ha.
This week i've learned that i MUST COMPLETLY RELY ON THE SPIRIT! i've never in my life had to rely on the spirit this much. i must rely on it 24-7, so it is a change from the normal but i am truly stretching and growing through this work. i know that nowhere else would i be able to stretch and grow this much!!! i love this gospel so much and i am trying every day to bring those to the truth.
The people we're teaching (prayers needed)
Brain and Danielle: are people that S. Freeman had been teaching. Danielle is scheduled for baptism on the 22nd. Brian still has some repentense things to work out but we WILL GET HIM THERE
Allen: is someone we found while i was here :) our first lesson with him will be tonight on the restoration. pray that he feels the spirit of this message!
For now that's it...our goal is to get NEW INVESTIGATORS!! so we will have more for you to pray for :)
i love you all so much! i'm gonna try to get some pictures on here for you so you can see some MTC and here pictures. Thank you for the love, letters, and prayers!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!! Till next week!
Love, Sister Brown