Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2

Oh my family how I love you so!!!!!!
This week has been absolutely amazing!!! I'll tell you why the church is true, because God answers prayers. as you could probably tell from my last letter last week i was definitely discouraged. but i've been praying like i've never prayed before and i have felt the sprit sooooo much and i've TRULY felt all of your prayers. it has strengthened my faith and love for this gospel. i am learning SOOOOO much about this gospel, yes. but more importantly this gospel, the spirit and Christ are stretching me to be who they need me to be so that i can be an effective missionary. one of the things that i learned this week was that my mission is just the beginning...it's like the start of everything that will be good for the rest of my life. i'm learning that i Taylor jean brown am stubborn that was a huge lesson i learned last night. God has his way of doing things, and his way is the ONLY way for it to be done. i have COMMITED my life to this work and i look forward to teaching it to the people of Leeds in a little over a WEEK!!!!!!! yes things with the 3some have been hard at times, but for the most part we're making it work and i know that we'll be blessed with greater blessings when we actually get in a real companionship. oh before i forget-Jillian i got your letters yesterday THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! They were such a help and just what i needed. i wrote a letter home this week saying i hadn't gotten any of your dear elder letters but i did get both of them yesterday and the letters from keith and lerin. This week we were able to actually go proselyting inManchester AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was me and Sister Shulze and we were actually and FOR REAL companionship and it went so smoothly. of course to had people who were ADIMENT about us not talking to us....like we have some disease or something but we did find this girl name JESSICA and she wasSOOOO receptive. we got her phone number and address and lagit missionaries in Manchester will be able to teach her because we got to her first!! We just got back from the temple and i'm on such a spiritual high right now!! i asked god to be able to keep this spirit with me throughout my mission cause i won't be able to go back to a temple til i get home. ahhhh THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! i just can't say it enough. Yes momma i'm sleeping great! its so funny cause we've all commented on how when we go to sleep it feels like we're not going to be able to sleep cause we're still on the "spiritual high" but once our heads hit our pillows we're OUT. a regular day for us is wake up at 6:30 and get read for the day, have breakfast, go to class til lunch, teach our "investigators" til dinner, have dinner and then class until bed time. i truly love it the days run by so so fast. Next Wednesday is when President Lindley will come and pick up me and Sister Jones and we'll be headed to Leeds...truly so exciting! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES YOU SENT i haven’t got them yet but i am just so grateful for each of you. i love you so much and i wish i had more time to give you a play by play of what i've been learning. just know that i'm growing so much and the obedience, stubborn problems that I’ve always struggled with are NO MORE i am learning how God wants me to be and it’s THE BEST!!! give yourselves huge hugs for me and tell matt and kate how much i love them :) til next tuesday!! Cheerio!!!
With all the love i have, Sister Brown

 Ok I’ve got one minute left so I thought I’d so some final words about England. It’s gorgeous!!!! I don’t know about this rain that they talk about but it has been perfect clear weather here. It’s green and BEAUTIFUL. The people here...not as open minded to the church it's either their atheist or SOOO strong in what they believe. But I know that GOD has prepared some and i will get to teach them. So exciting!!! I love you all so much and thank you so much for encouraging me to come here I’m already changing for the better LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Sister Brown


  1. Oh my gosh! This has been an answer to my prayers! My name is Hayley Burningham and I leave for the Leeds mission on June 27th!! Taylor is so dang cute!!! Her personality just bursts through her words! I can't wait to meet her! That Would be so great if we were companions! I loved reading these first 2 weeks if her mission because it has helped my to know what to expect! Thanks for putting all her emails in here! She is amazing! Have a great day! Love hayley

    1. Hi Hayley!! This is Jillian Durham, I'm Taylor's older sister :) How exciting that you are going to Leeds!! Taylor just loves it there and has had so many neat experiences. That would be awesome if you were companions with her! I will tell her your name so she can keep an eye out for you! Good luck with everything! Love you!