Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 74

Is anyone else freaking out??!?!?!?!?!
Is anyone else nervous?!?! Ahhh my hands are getting sweaty just thinking and typing about it...yes my hands still get so sweaty when I'm nervous!!!!
10 Days....only 10 DAYS!!! I am so excited to see you all though! Ok you can't judge me...I'm so FAT!! Just love me ok? and tell me I look so beautiful!! Hahaha Mum that is the one thing you can do for me. Even though I am can tell me I look great :) I'm gunna need that!
Ok let me just give you the run down on how things are going to go....
So I will have been on a plane/ traveling for 20 hours...I probably won't get much sleep the night before...and when I arrive it will be 5:00 am English time. I'm going to look like a Zombie. So do not judge me on our first least wait until I don't have jet lag anymore ;) And I'll probably have BO....just throwing out all the possibilities :) Ha
Oh man....this is just too weird. I mean you always imagine what it is going to be like when you have 10 days left on your mission....its just so bitter sweet. So bitter sweet. I mean you put your heart and soul into something for 18 months and then your just ripped from it and expected to go back to being normal. Ok how about this...just expect me to be a total freak....just so when I'm not THAT BAD you won't be about that? As you can tell my thoughts are just everywhere!! Just so many feelings...
How about a report on the news...
Kalin: Gaaa you're a missionary sooooooon! You are going to be SUCH an amazing missionary! All you gotta do is open your mouth and talk to people. It's as easy as that, just talk to them like their your best friends and you'll be just fine. OH and be obedient! if your companion is not being obedient no matter how much older they are than you that's not ok...tell your mission president ;) That is my advice for you :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You + Me + March 2015 = Mario Kart/ Pokemon Stadium party...and I will win Dig Dig everytime...that will never change ;)
Mariel: Oh my dear little Sister!!! I wish you all the best! Just tear it up!! Do your best and you will be just fine! Stay warm, layers will be your best friend!
Malory: YOU ARE G'ED UP FROM THE KNEE UP!!!! Don't you just feel so pretty! We are going every other day when I get home ok?! Like all the Don't worry I will have you Sister Missionary won't need a trainer by the time I'm done with you ;)  I love you!
Matt and Kate: You are SO you remember me? I love you!!
Ok so this week in the missionary world of Slovakia. Oh how things are going grand! We're still doing  A LOT of getting the members ready for the branch work/trying to progres our investigators/ learning the language. Yep, we're busy but things are so good. The Don Valley Unit will offically be Sheffield 4 on Sunday which is so exciting! I'll have to fill you in on the details when get home...writing it over email doesn't give it justice. I'm still working so hard and doing my best to sprint to the end. Some missionaries have a really hard time focusing, but I am having no problem at all. If anything I'm doing the opposite...I'm in denile. Ha it just feels like I'm going to be a missionary forever...but that's not going to happen. These next 10 days are going to fly by and I've got to make the best out of the time that I have left!
I love you all so so much! To the moon and back I do! PS is there anything you want from England. I'm really struggling trying to find you suvenears (totally spelled wrong) Its tough cause everything is so expensive here. I'm trying to find you British things...but they don't really have a whole lot of that. So I'm thinking about just a LOT of chocolate. I mean you can't get that in America. So if there is anything specific you want let me know..or I'm probabably just going to bring everyone home a ton on English candy and chocolate. Just let me know ;)....welp one more email and you'll be seeing my face. Absolute madness. Cheers all!
Love, Sestra Brownova

Week 73

Hello Family!'s snowing...right now. What?! It's March right? Oh, the sun is shining...what is going on?! Malory you have this to look forward too haha British weather...all 4 seasons in one day!
First and formost:
I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN TOLD! SOMEONES GETTING PRETTY OLD! SOUND OFF, HAPPY! SOUND OFF, BIRTHDAY! SOUND OFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DADDY!!!! Whew...Dad you're going to be 53 tomorrow! Man, how do you feel? Well I hope you have a wonderful day and that everyone spoils you wrotten. I figured I'd save on postage and just take your present with me when I get home. So we'll have Christmas and yours and Danny's BDays when I get home ok?
How is everyone?! I hope so so well! Things in the DV are still going great. We're making preperations for the new branch and getting things all ready to fly! We just have this sunday and then BAM Sheffield 4 will be offically made! So exciting! So many exciting things, I'm so lucky to be here for it!
So Mal is going through the temple! :D Good, about time!! She's going to love it! She's lucky, she'll have a temple in her mission so if she's serving close to it, she can go. So lucky!! Oh, send Anita my love. Tell her not to be sad, everyone has different gifts and talents. She's got gifts that a lof of those girls who made it don't have. Keep your chin up Sis. all will be well! Ha it's funny that you're getting people coming up to you at church cause I'm getting the same thing! "Sister Brown, youre leaving soon! "Sister Brown you've got 2 sundays left!" "Sister Brown have you packed your bags yet?" Ha good greif! Thank you, yes I am leaving soon. Yes, your right. NO! Hahaha I hope when I'm rich and famous I can take you all to England and show you all the funny people here. The culture is so different, really dry but I love it!
I think the lesson for this week was how God hears and answers every prayer. We were in a lesson with some of our investigators who's english isn't the best and our slovakian is so broken. I was trying to hard to resolve their conserns but I was running out of words. I prayed the smallest prayer in my heart that God would help us to communicate so that these wonderful people could progress. And no more than 5 seconds later we hear a knock on the door and it was the Elders!! The Elders are from the Czech so they are completely fluent in Slovakian and they were able to translate for us. What a huge miracle and answer to prayer. I know that God lives because of moments like this!! He IS there and answers are prayers I know it because I lived it. He hears all are needs and desires and will help us out! So get down on your knees and pray ;) He's alwasys listening.
I hope you each have a wonderful week! I love you all to the moon and back!! Cheers!
Love, Sister Brown

Week 72's week 3 of the transfer...who's freaking out...CAUSE I AM!!!!!!!!
Alright with all that being said ha!
Hello my Dear Family!
How is everyone! Ok first let me get the business out of the way:
KOBY IS GOING TO RENO!!!! GAAAA I'MMM SOS OS OSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSO HAPPY! Ok my last companion Sister MacKay is from Reno and she talked about the Reno mission all the time! The missionaries there are amazing! I have no doubt Koby is going to blow the Reno world away! Give him the biggest hug for me and a huge congratulations! And you're leaving on the same day!!! Gaaa! That is AMAZING!!!
Mom, I didn't get the first part of that email, but that is no problem!! :) I mean lets be honest, you can fill me in soon. Yikes.
Ok I think that is all the business.
Oh man my heart is just so full!! I'm trying not to cry in front of all these people at the library...ok I'm being tough...ok...ok haha
I think my heart is so full because I bore my last testimony at church yesterday ha and of course cried through the whole thing. All the Slovakians were crying, all the English members were crying, it was a huge cry fest!!! It's just been tough having all these pages in my "Mission Chapter" of my life turning...and the chapter is coming to a close. I've been really tough so far, but I just cried like a little kid when I bore my last testimony. This part of my life has been...I don't even know how to describe it..just pure bliss. Pure heaven. I got an email from my dearest of friends Chelsea Sorenson today and it just about put me into tears. I'm gonna put the part that touched me the most. Ok I'm not putting this on here to toot my own horn...but I want you to catch a glimps of what missions do to people and how much the people, the friendships you make change you forever. There have been so many people on my mission who have changed me for the good and she is definitely on the top 3:
okay okay but heres the real stuff.... Sister Brown. I want you to know that I truly love you so much. I am terrible at keeping in touch and I am so sorry about that, but I mean this when I say it, I think about you all the time and still try to follow the example that you set for me when we served together. When I was with you I didn't have to try to be happy, I just was. You happiness is contagious and has made me into more of a positive person, which is something that I really need. You are an amazing Sister missionary. You came and served for the right reasons and served with your whole heart and soul and because of that you have been enormously successful! You should be just so proud of yourself. You really are just amazing. Do not worry about a single thing these next couple of weeks... have fun and stay focused, because I promise you that this experience is never coming back around again. Tie up any loose ends that you have and let the Lord finish what he started. I love you. You are extraordinary.
I read this and just about burst into tears because she changed ME! Our time together was so short, only 6 weeks but in that short time we changed so much together! My mission is something I wouldn't trade for all the money in the whole world. My mission is so precious to me. So precious. I think my favourite line in that is "Let the Lord finish what he started". I feel like Alma when he said, "Oh if I were an angel...". For me it's, "Oh if I was a missionary until the Lord comes and says "My work is done"." However, that is not how it goes. Sister Sorenson is so right I need to tie up the loose ends, continue to work with all I have, and prepare for the peace that comes to each missionary who serves their mission with honour.
Mal, Mac, Koby, Mariel, and all other missionaries out there!! Prepare for the most sacred 18 months-2 years of your life. Prepare to work hard. Prepare to defend what you believe to those who refuse to listen. Prepare to rejoice when you see those you love the most enter the waters of eternity. Prepare to be your Saviours hands...for there is nothing sweeter on earth than to be his instrument.
Oh I just want to cry!!!! Ha but I won't. Because like I said, the peace only comes to those who leave with no regrets. And that is the peace I feel right now, I have no regrets! This is why I can come home with a smile on my face, and be able to step of the plane excited to see the loved ones who I owe so much to. The ones who have supported me through so much. I love you all so much. I've been saying to the moon and back for 18 months...but that can't even begin to describe how much I really do love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!! Cheers from the best place in the world!!
Laska, Sestra Brownova

Week 71

Hello Family!
Welp there it is...there is my flight plans...weird. So my question to you is President Richards going to release me that night or am i going to be released in the morning?
I'm so glad things went so well at Meg's bridal shower!! The picture looked so great mom! And about Steph...oh the poor dear. Man she is the queen of stress!! As the English say "Keep calm, and carry on!" (They really do say that all the time ;) ) Well if they are engaged of course we can throw another bridal shower! I'll get to come to this one!!
There are VERY EXCITING THINGS HAPPENING HERE PEOPLE!!!! Guess what book is now on it's way to us....KNIHA MORMONOVA!!!!!! Yes you can now officially order the Book of Mormon in Slovak online!! And you can view it on!! Isn't that incredible!! More than ever I wish I had an ipad as a missionary cause then i could just show all my peeps this wonderful book ONLINE! Isn't technology incredible! Everyone put in their prayers that the book comes before I leave!!! I so want to be here when they get here!!! I'm so blessed! I'm so lucky to be here at such and amazing time, what a way to end my mission right?!
Well the sprint to the end is going well :) Joe you'd be so proud. I'm doing my VERY VERY BEST!! We had another great week here in DV. Finding and progressing Gods chosen children. It's the best! Oh speaking of Joey: (total tangent...sorry) Joey said they find out if they're having a boy or girl the first week of March right!? Tell him I want him and Tiff to tell me face to face! Wait until I get home to tell me!!! This is big news, I want it the best way possible!!! :)
Ok now back to missionary work :) This past week we had our Zone Confrence where...yep, I gave my departing testimony. (Because there are so many missionaries coming in they are having the missionaries who are leaving soon give there testimony's to the mission sooner) It was really sireal. I couldn't help but reflect on my mission and the things I've been so blessed to be apart of. I remember getting up in front of the missionaries here my first day in the field to bare my testimony. Man I was so nervous. I remember that person, but the blessing that I'm not that person any more. I am new and improved :) A major upgrate ;) I feel like I've gained SO MUCH on my mission. I'd say my testimony is one of the things that has grown the most. The testimony I have of this gospel and my beloved Saviour is what I will absolutly charish and take from my missionary experiences. I think I've said this over and over and over but I'll say it again. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!! I love my missionary life! And I'm going to continue on soaking up all I can while I can!
I hope you all have SUCH an amazing week!! I love you to the moon and back!! Cheers til next week!
Laska, Sestra Brownova

Week 70

Ahoy mi Rodina!
Ok to answer your questions first so I don't forget:
1) Oh youre hosting Megans bridal shower!! You are the best! Ummm...I'm gunna be honest...I've been a missionary for almost 18 months..all I really know and remember is Preach my Gospel and random words in Slovakian. hahah sorry I'm not going to be much help when it comes to what you should cook or decorate. Just tell her that I love her and I'm SO BEYOND happy for her!
2) Gaaa! Steph's getting married too?! ....I'm the only one left...ha...great.
3) From what I hear, you'll get the flight itinerary (spelling?) before I do. They give us our plane plans only a week before we leave, but from what I hear you should be getting the plane plans any week now. For sure you'll know before I do. :)
I'm trying to think if there was anything else...OH ya!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! Oh tell her I love her!!!
Ok I think that is everything :)
This week was another great week in Don Valley! There are some pretty exciting things happening here peeps! I don't know if you're aware but the very first copies of the BOM in Slovak hit Slovakian soil!!! We don't have any here but there are copies floating around in Slovakia! I hope our copies will be coming soon!!!! Gaa we need them here so bad! I hope I get my hands on one at LEAST before I leave. Another exciting bit of information..guess whose unit will offically be made into a branch my VERY LAST SUNDAY?!?! MINE!!! MY SLOVAKIAN UNIT!! Gaa isn't that the best news ever!!! From what we here its going to be all Slovakian leadership! Each Slovakian will have a proper calling, of course with some help though. They've got "shadows" coming, ha at least that is what they are calling them. Each slovakian leader (ie. Bishop, RS Pres, EQ Pres, Primary Pres, ect.) will have an English member helping them. So we're have the best of the best English members in the stake helping us out! Man, it's so good. So when I leave they will have no problems, everything will be set up and ready to go and ready TO BOOM! Once this unit is made into a branch, once we get the BOM and Bible in Slovak...this place is going to explode!! Man, it stinks that I don't get to be here for that BUT I am so greatful I get to be here for what is to come!
You're right Mum, these next 5 weeks are going to be busy...translation...the time is going to zip by... :( I just can't believe that this chapter of my life is closing!! But it's the opening up of new one right?! I think that Chapter will be called, "Diet, Accutaine, and Pedicure" ;) What do ya think? Ha!
I love you all so much! To the moon and back I do! Have a wonderful week!!
With all the love I've got, Sestra Brownova

Week 69

Ahoy Rodina!
Welp...I had my last transfer call last night...and here are the results:! Don Valley will be my last area. In missionary terms, "I'll be dying in DV!". Sister Melander is leaving though :( So sad. But she's going on to do amazing things. She's whitewash training a new missionary. So she's opening up a new area and getting a greenie!! How exciting! She's going to be and do amazing things. I'm so happy for her! However...with the death of my companion...that means that my languist is going as well. I'm taking over the area...and the language. Yikes. Not gunna lie, I'm pretty nervous. But I am greatful for the challenge ;) Since Sister Melander is leaving that means I'm getting.....drum roll please....
The nicest, sweetest, kindest, Sister McReynolds!! :) Oh she is such a dear! She actually served here in Don Valley with Sister Melander for 3 weeks, but left cause she got called to train like Sister MacKay got called a few weeks ago. So now she is back and we're going to rock the Slovakian world together! :)
So as I'm sure you are all aware, (I think even more aware than I am ha) these are my last 6 weeks as a missionary. So weird. I remember when Joey had 6 weeks left and we were all FREAKING OUT!! I remember them being the slowest 6 weeks of my life. It's really strange being on the other side. I mean I've been in Don Valley for 3 months now and a transfer goes by so so so so so so so fast!! I've had a lot of moments on my mission where I've thought, "This must have been what Joey was feeling..." I'm totally living that right now. I honestly don't really know how to feel about this chapter of my life closing. Ha I think I'm in denile hahahaha! One thing I do know is that I want to finish my mission like my 2 brothers did. I wanna sprint to the end like Ray and Joe did. I want to be another "Brown Rodina Missionarky". I want to get to the last day of my mission and think, "Yes, I worked every minute I could, talked to every person I could, invited all I could to come unto Christ." So far so good :) I've done 17 months of hard work, but now is where the endurence kicks in. This is the most imortant part of the race. So lets kick it into hyperdrive and RUN!! :D!
We had a really great week here in DV. Sometimes I wish I had a pensive or a Beauty and the Beast magic mirror and let you see what it is we're doing here. It is a ton of hard work, but the most rewarding. It's like we're saving a lost tribe here ha. It's called the gypsy tribe. I don't know how much Raymond knows about gypsys but if he knows anything sit him down and make him tell you the peopel I'm teaching haha. I love them SOOOO much!! Let me try to give you a little taste of gyspy history here. So Gypsys for hundreds of years, centuries, have been a wandering people. (they really are a lost tribe I tell you!!) They never stay any place very long. The gypsy culture is pretty prominent in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. So the people we mostly run into are prominently Slovakian and some Hungarian and Czechy gypsies. So these gypsys have come to England..becuase thats what they do...they move. They have come to England for a better life. Most of the gypsys are either here in Sheffield or in Leeds. The town that we work in mostly is Darnall. Darnall is gypsy heaven, they're everywhere! About a year ago some missionaries baptized some pretty epic Slovakian gypsy families and they were attending Sheffiled 1. In the last year the membership of Slovakians has boomed so what they have done is taken the Slovakians "out" of the ward and has made a unit for the Slovakians (so they can go and have a service in their own language and not be so English confused) So what we're doing now is trying to transition the unit into a branch. The unit has no branch presidency, no RS leaders, no preisthood leaders, no YM or YWs. So ha...we run the show haha. We have 2 group leaders named Fero Dunka and Vlad Kandrac. Fero teaches sunday school and Vlad is in charge of Sacrament Meeting. We run RS and the Elders run Preisthood. We have this EPIC Senior couple who runs Primary and they the ward helps out with Youth class. I wish I had time to even tell you everything that we do here!!! (When I get home I'm gunna need a good week where you just sit and listen to me talk about my mission...I might need a good week to just talk about Don Valley!!) On top of all of this...these people speak a different language...BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! It's a really tough area...but its tough in the good kind of way. Alnwick was tought because...well Sister Berakdar was crazy. But here I have wonderful companions, wonderful leadership, wonderful ward, a ton of support.
Im running out of time and I want to send some pictures off! So just know that I love you all so much! To the moon and back (I mean geez you should know that by now ;) ) Have a wonderful week all ok!
PS Jillie and Joey thank you so much for your emails!!! Gaaa I love you both! I'll email next week ok?! ok!
Laska, Sestre Brownova

Week 68

Ahoy all!
How is everyone!? I hope so good! Hahaha don't worry Mum, missionaries have a Valentines Day force field around us so we never get struck by flying arrows. ;) I can't believe it's February! Sister Stout has 10 days left in her mission...weird right? Time doesn't stop for anyone! Mal's getting close to leaving!! :D Ahhh! That is absolute madness, but so exciting! Don't worry about Mal Pal, she was made for England. I've known for awhile that if she was going to put her papers in that she would get called here. England just screams, "Malory Brown"!!! She's going to tear it up in Manchester :) I actually have some insider information about that. So, I guess the first Presidency and the Quorem of the 12 have decided to put a majority of the new missionaries in the UK. They're doing this because they feel that if they can get things rolling in the UK, the church will go global. Exciting right. AND they're only putting the elite in the UK....ok this may just be my opinion...I am a little bias, I mean Uncle Randy served here, I've been here and my little sister is on her exciting! :) By May our mission will have doubled in size. We're getting 20 Sister and 78 Elders. From what I hear the Manchester Mission will have 40 new Sister Missionaries by May. You're one of those Mal!
I was reading in Alma this morning about the Army of Helemen. The Stripling Warriors. Mal, Mac and Mariel are the Stripling Warriors...and I will tell you why :) So when Antipus was fighting off the Lamanites he needed some serious help. They were about to lose, but in came the Army of Helemen to save the day. That is how I feel about these new missionaries. There is no way we will win the battle here in the UK or anywhere in the world unless we have some new, young, righteous, and worthy warriors that have been taught in there youth. I read the scripture about how they "never doubted that their mothers knew it". That line has carried me my whole mission and it means so much more to me now. I read this line at the beginning of my mission and knew that I had a mother and a father, a family who knew that I could do it. They have always been able to see what I couldn't. Now I've got 2 amazing missionary siblings who will be starting their missions right about the same time. And I've got a Mum who I'm sure is nervous to let her little twins got out into the field. Mum never forget you know it. And twins, never forget that your Mum, Dad, and family know it. Never forget your testimony. We know this church is true, so we will fight the good fight. We will defend our honour, our families, our religeon, and bring more of Gods children back home to him. Jeffrey R. Holland said that never was there a more exciting time to be a missionary in the history of the church. And our family is apart of it!! Mal, Mac, Mariel, Kalin!!!! :D It is just the best thing EVER! I'm so grateful to be a missionary, to be apart of this army! I'm so grateful for a loving and supportive family who has supported me my whole time in this battle. I love each of you to the moon and back again and again!! I hope you have such a wonderful week! Cheers from the battle field ;)
Laska, Sestre Brownova

Week 67

Ahoy mi Rodina!!
From the sounds of it everyone is pretty busy (ha I am not suprised one bit ;) ) and it looks like Malory's got a bird on her shoulder...did it poop on you? AND my nephew is the most ADORABLE THING!! I love you too Matthew! Mum, you're hilarious! I hope you're dream comes true and that I do convert Novak Djokovic!! I'd have a very attractive husband, I'd be RICH, and I'd be fluent in Slovakian!! Ha that is something I wish I had already!! The language is coming along, I'm nowhere near close to fluent though hahah. We speak in VERY broken Slovakian but the spirit is the great translator and somehow our points get put across. For that I am SO greatful!
This week was another amazing week in Don Valley/ Darnall (That's the actual name of the city we work in). I love these people so much! Their faith is absolutely inspiring! It truely is their poverty that has prepared their hearts for the gospel and I get to see this EVERYDAY! It's the best! My testimony is strengthend everyday. I want to share a general experience I've been having here in Don Valley and it has to do with the language. I didn't when I started my mission that I would ever see the gift of tongues in action...I mean I'm serving in England...with English people...ha. Little did I know that God would wrap me one of the greatest's called Don Valley. The only way that your daughter would be able to speak another language (especially Slovakian) is if she was set apart and was given power and authority to carry out anything she was called to do. And lucky me I have been! I've seen the power of the spirit through the gift of tongues especially this week! We have a lesson yesterday with one of the familes we're teaching (the Chunkas..yes...the Chunk-as haha :)). Sister Melander's Slovakian is unreal, she just picked up on it so quick so usually she ends up translating, but last night I was able to speak in my VERY broken Slovakian and I could see in their eyes that they understood. It's scary to think that Sister Melander might get transfered cause she picked up on the language, but I know that God qualifies those who he calls. So all will be well :) God's in control so I don't need to worry about it!
I hope you all are doing so well and can feel my love from here...can you feel it...??? Good :) I love you each to the moon and back again! Have an amazing week ok?! Cheers til next week
Milujem t'a! (I love you in Slovakian)
Laska, Sestre Brownova

Week 66

Ahoy! Welp you guessed it, Im tracktin in a winter wonderland! It snowed big time here so it's offically winter! We have a car so it's not so bad and we're still teaching a lot so it's double not so bad :) So Mal and Mac went to a jazz game!!! So fun, and Joeys an adult....muahahahah! That's what happens when you're an adult get tickets for a jazz game that you can't go to because you gotta pay the bills. Ya Mum, my homecoming (yuck) with Malory will be the bomb diggity! There is no one else I'd rather talk with than that beautiful red head! It will give me a few weeks to drop some poundage too. I didn't think I'd gain anymore weight cause I've leveled off for a while but I'm in a car...again, in Slovakia....all they eat is joke. And they love feeding us. We have our English tea appointments and then being fed Slovakian style throughout the day...translation...I'm always eating and there is nothing I can do but sit in the car and get fat. haha! All is well though, it'll come off :)
Well this week was another amazing week in Don Valley. I absolutely love it here! We're teaching some really amazing and prepared people. We found a family who had been taught by the Starsi (Elders) before and so they have pass-a-long cards hung up everywhere in their home. (Because they can't afford pictures, they love the pass-a-long cards and use them to decorate) So we walk in and see the picture of Jesus in the red robe everywhere. It was just so good to see him there haha it was like, "Hello Jesus, thanks for sitting in on our lesson ;)" So they're doing really well, they're scheduled for the 16th of February and theres like 5 of um! So pray for Daniel's family. Sister MacKay and Melander are my best friends...ok I have a lot of mission best friends (Sister Stout, Hall, Sorensen) but these two have definitely made the list. They are so wonderful! We have so much fun together, we just laugh all the time it's so nice. Speaking of mission friends Sister Chelsea Sorensen and Desiree Freeman are home and Sister Ali Stout will be home in 3 weeks (she gets home valentines day) so if you wanna stalk them on facebook go for it!
Well let me try to describe to you how things work here in Don Valley. The offical name is the Don Valley Until. So what they are is a unit that is part of the Sheffield 1 ward. So technically i'm surving under the Sheffield 1 ward. They made the unit last year because they were having so many Slovakians coming to church and being baptized that they made a Slovakian Unit. There is a team of Sisters and Elders that serve in DV and 1 set of Elders that serve in Sheffield 1 working with English peeps. I see missionaries all the time. It's so great! There are 7 of us serving in one ward. So how it works at DVS is that it's all in Slovakian, all of it. Slovakian RS and Preisthood, Sunday School, Primary, and Sacrament Meeting. We are in charge of RS so we prepare the lessons in Slovakian and teach the best we can. What we're aiming for is to make DVS a branch. We're just trying to make the recent converts as solid as possible and to help them in their leadership skills so that eventually they can run the show. Rumour has it that they're making it a branch in February...another this...but I have to give some background...
So....the Book of Mormon has not been translated into Slovakian...yup so you're probably in the world do we do missionary work then...well we do the best we can ha. Even though its not translated into Slavakian, it is translated into Czechy. Slovakian and Czechy are pretty would be like reading spanish in south american, but then going to spain and trying to read the things they's a littlle different but dooable. It is hard for them though, but their faith is so unreal. They are so reseptive to the spirit and the spirit makes all the difference when they read. They might not know all that is going on in the Book of Mormon, but they know it's true because the spirit testifies to their hearts that it's true.
So the rumour that they are printing Slovakian BOMs in February! So HOPEFULLY I'll be here for the release! It's like a Harry Potter release...but a bazillion times BETTER! Once these people get a hold of the BOM in their own language...things are just going to EXPLODE! It's all very exciting!
So that's what I'm doing here. I'm being a pioneer :) I'm starting the church in this area..with these wonderful people! It is the first that most have ever heard of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. It's the first time they've ever heard of the Book of Mormon. The first time for everything here. I really do feel like Parly P. Pratt sometimes or like Dan Jones...the pioneers of missionary work in England. But I'm in England opening the church in Slovakia. It's the best I love it so much!
Well I thought I'd fill you in on what goes on here cause I haven't really had the time! :) So there it is ;)
I hope you all are doing amazing! Keep up the fun and great work! I love you all to the moon and back!! Cheers til next week!
Love, Sister Brown

Week 65

Dearest Family...that's just about to get bigger...
I think I'm still trying to process this news...
So let me see if I've got this right..
So my little brother is going to be a Dad...
OH MY GASH!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!
Congratulations you two!! That is CRAZY exciting news!!! I'm not sure when you'd find out if it's a boy or a girl but let me know if you find out anything! Holy brother is a Dad....whoa. That was a super cute way of announcing the baby too!
This week was an interesting one. We got some pretty sad news this week, Sister MacKays Grandpa passed away. She seems to be doing better, but its not easy when someone you loves passes especially when you're away from your family. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation. No matter what happens here on this earth we have the promise that our families will be together forever. And God keeps his promises.
I've seen this time after time on my mission, the simple knowledge that God keeps his promises. When God says that he'll bless us by keeping the simple commandments like prayer, church, scripture study..he really means it. He'll bless us. When he says that through the atonment of Jesus Christ we can be clean...he means it. We really can. When he says that if we keep the commandment we can inherit eternal life. Ya, that's a promise. All of these promises are contingent on our choices...our day to day living. I think it's those little choices of good add up more than the bigger choices of good. It's those little choices that make or break our progression.
Haha I just realized that I just spilled my thoughts on paper hahah! Wow, I'm a missionary...hahaha sorry I just took this email to a whole-nother "missionary email" level. hahaha! Ok maybe I shouldn't be laughing so hard at this..bahaha!
Ok I'm back. Alright, so this week was over all good. A little bumps on the way with Sister MacKay's loss, but hey..missionaries are human too. Here in Slovakia we're at the place of, "all our people who were progressing got baptized" which is so great. Now it's the "who's next" game. We've got a few who've got some potential, but some eternal investigators too. So we're just sorting through our teaching pool. The ones who have the most potential are Nadia and Kveta. Oh how I love these girls and their family. We're teaching Robo, Kveta, and their daughters. (Daughters: Nadia, Simona, Danisa, and little Kveta). The daughters have progressed alot faster than the parents. So Simona and Denisa have been baptized, and we're trying to get permission from Robo to get Danisa and little Kveta baptized because they're totally ready. We're hoping that him seeing them get baptized will soften his heart and he'll let his wife Kveta get baptized with him. So keep this sweet little family in your prayers if you could :)
And thats pretty much the news here in Slovakia ha. I hope each of you have a wonderful week! I love you so much, to the moon and back I do! Cheers til next week!
Love, Sestra Brownova 

Week 64 ( I think, because of christmas week)

My dear Family!!
From the sounds of it everything is going great in the Brown house. Mum you're sick!! Being sick is the absolute worst...I don't know if you noticed at Christmas but I was definitely sick too haha my voice completely went the day after Christmas. Bye bye voice. But don't worry your Teedle Tays voice is back and as loud as ever...yes some things WILL NOT change :)
This was another wonderful week in Don Valley. I am absolutely obsessed with my companions. Sister Mackay and Melander are changing my LIFE!! We have so much fun (Dont' worry, it's righteous fun ;) ) and we work so hard here in the DV. The language is coming along. I don't know what I'm going to do when Sister Melander leaves because she is LIKE FLUENT in Slovak. She's so hard core!
I guess what I want to base my email on is how the sprit of God ROCKS! So I live in Slovakia/Gypsy land where the law of chastity doesn't really exist. Ha ok lets be honest, I like in the UK...this whole continent of Europe doesn't get that you have to be married. So LOADS of people have been living together for years, but never thought about being married. Well we found this wonderful couple named Steffaun and Boeshenna and they have 2 beautiful children but their not married. We talked to them about the law of chastity and they were not having it. So we invited them to pray about it and see how they felt about it tomorrow. So yesterday was tomorrow and we followed up on their prayer and this is what they said, "So...we've been thinking about it...and I think we want to get married...could be get married soon?" I see over and over and over again on my mission how God prepares the hearts of his children. The spirit softened their hearts and they were able to consider the option of marriage. So we'll see how things go, I PRAY we'll be having a wedding in February or March.
Experience #2 of how the spirit works
So we were at the home of another amazing couple that needs to get married. They have the license and everything, but they're putting it off because they need more money because they want to have a reception. Once again, time after time on my mission I have had experiences like I'm Gods piano and he just taps my keys and out comes the beautiful song of Redeeming love. I had an experience like that this week. I felt impressed to tell them that it is impossible for God to lie to us. God keeps his promises. If he says that he will bless your for keeping his commandments, that means he will. I told them that if they got married as soon as possible and sacrificed what they wanted (this party) for what God wants (to keep the law of Chastity) that God would open up the windows of heaven and poor out blessings to them. And that's when Merricks eyes changed. He said, "you're right...God cannot lie...he has to bless us." I can honestly say that what I experience was a "glove in hand" moment. It's like I was the Glove and God put his hand in me...and I was his puppet. I was able to be his piano that day and the music was so sweet. It softened Merricks heart and we were able to schedule a wedding date.
This is why missionary work rocks, this is why our church is true. God would not give these experiences to a proud, selfish, sinner like me, a 24 year old girl from St. George Utah...unless he truly was there...unless he truly did love his children...unless I truly was his missionary.
Isn't God incredible!! And i get to have these amazing experiences!! Man I am so LUCKY!!!!
I hope you each remember how much God loves you!! And I hope you remember how much I love you too! (To the Moon and Back I do!!) Have a wonderful week ok?! Cheers!
Love, Sestra Brownova

Week 62

Hello my dear family!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot believe it's 2013....bye bye 2012!
Ok my goodness...that Christmas skype call...was AMAZING!!! Holy cow it was so beyond good to see you all! And the news that Malory is coming to this wonderful beloved land...IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!! Oh Mal you are going to love it here! You are PERFECT for England. You were made to come here. And even better, the spirit told me you were coming here. I just couldn't shake the feeling that you were coming here. I knew even before you had told me that you would be here! I just didn't know which misson ;) The Manchester Mission ROCKS! I only hear wonderful things about it :) Be SO excited Mal England is the best!
Well I have some news that I forgot to tell you on Christmas....WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Remember my recent convert Anna? The hungarian gypsy? Well her son Zsolt (Yes his name is lighting bolt...but lightning Zsolt ;) ) entered the waters of baptism on Saturday!! (Don't worry Mum you're getting alot of pictures this week...I'm obsessed with my new camera :) ) The baptism went SO well!! It's been amazing to see Zsolt progress. He had NO interest while we were teaching Anna, but the spirit softened his heart. The Book of Mormon really was the key to his conversion. He loves the Book of Mormon! He reads it everyday and it was this wonderful book that changed him the most.
OH I should probably tell you the AMAZING NEWS with transfers!
I'm staying....and Sister Melander is....STAYING! And Sister Hall is STAYING!!! AND we're getting another Sister!!! So me Sister Melander and Sister McKay (Yes...Sister McKay!) Will be my sweet companions!! I'm in another 3some!! SCORE!!
So...I do have some orders of buisness to cover...ugh.
So I got my trunky papers yesterday. (The papers that tell me my release date and how I need to get a bunch of information so they can get cracking on my flight plans) So my release date is the 28 March 2013. And I need my bishop and stake presidents mailing address and email if you could tell me Bishop Graff's info and President Richards info...that would be much appreciated so i can get all this information back to the Mission Office...(what a joke....)
So with that order of business out of the way I can now focus on what matters most :)
I've been thinking alot about the fact that 2012 is now history and how much I've grown this past year. Whoa....I've grown so much...and not just in my waiste ;) I am so grateful for 2012. 2012 is definitely going to be a time that will be so close to my heart because it's been the year of  "The GIANT learning curve". I've been able to learn so many valueable lessons this year about myself and about life in general. I will never forget you 2012 and I guess we'll see what 2013 has in store.
I love you all so much! To the moon and back I do!! I hope you have a wonderful week, cheers til next week all!
Love, Sister Brown

Week 61

Ahoy mi Rodina!!
Ako se mase? dodre??
Hello my Family!
How are you???? good...? Hopefully great!! Ok so this conneticut things....all we know is that there was a shooting...don't really know the details...actually no details. How horrible! My prayers go out to these families! (Whatever happened..cause I have no clue) But on better news...
SYLVIA PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW AND WILL BE BAPTIZED THE 22ND OF DECEMBER!!! What a Christmas miracle!! She had been struggling with the WOW but President himself came and gave her a blessing (oh how i love this man) and the preisthood of God healed her. She hasn't smoked in awhile and is soooo looking forward to her day in white!! Our other investigators are doing really well too we're looking forward to some January 2013 baptisms!
So here is some buisness items...
So...I know you're all going to hate me for this...we're going to have to skype 8am Utah time. :S Who's up for an early skype call?? Let me see your hands in the air...that's better ;) Sorry about that. We're just got a tea appointment later that we have to go to so we can't do 10, but you get to see my face :) I think it's worth the sacrifice right? Plus it's Christmas MORNING!! You can have Dads famous breakfast....but please...don't make it til after youre done talking with me because I will be so jealous if you eat it in front of my face! ;)
#2...Malory might get her call this might tell me where she is serving her MISSION on Christmas....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! MY SISTER IS SO GROWN UP!!!! I'm so proud of you Sister!! You're amazing, I look up to you so much!!
Now to :Don Valley
Things here are just super duper! I love my life. Our investigators are amazing, they're keeping commitments and progressing, and the language is actually coming along. Thank you gift of tongues. I hope that by my 3rd transfer I'll be like Sister Melander and actually be able to have conversations instead of just spitting out words haha AND Sister Hall gave me my first hair cut since I've been out! Don't worry, she just trimmed my dead 15 month ends.
I don't have a whole lot to say, but we'll chat it up Santa style on Christmas though ya?! AHHH Can't WAIT To see you all!!! Have a wonderful week and remember Jesus...and...I dunno do something amazing I guess....OH EVEN BETTER...Ok...whoever makes me laugh the most with the craziest thing they did this week when you talk to me on Christmas gets...something amazing from England.... :)
OH and another buisness item: So as I'm sure you well know...sending things to America is expensive. So I thought since I'm going to be home in 3 months that I would bring Christmas with me :) It would be loads cheaper that way. So be expecting Christmas presents in March. If there is anything specific you would like me to bring you from England let me know ok?!
I love you all so much. To the moon and back I do!!
Love, Sestre Brownova

Week 60

Hello my sweet rodina (that's family in slovak ;) )
Well we got the transfer news...and!!! We're all so sad that Sister Bendtsen is leaving :( She's being transferred to York to work in the Chinese speaking area there. It's all just so exciting, she's going to do an amazing job there in York! I am SOOO glad I'm staying! I'm staying with my Idaho homie Sister Melander! Chances are (unless something absolutely crazy happens) Don Valley will probably be my last area. (that's weird...) The best part about this whole thing is that me and Sister Hall will be spending Christmas together!!! We got Mothers Day and Christmas!! What a blessing, I'm SO spoiled this Christmas!! Your missionary is just so so happy!!
My little sisters papers are IN!!!! AHHH!!! When do you think she'll find out? Probably after Christmas huh....well keep me posted!!! RAYMOND! YOU'RE SO SMART!! You are just such a hot item right now, everyone wants you! Congrats on all the acceptance!!! If I have any say...I think you should stay in Utah...just sayin...
The Jazz won the Lakers....IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!! Grant...don't worry, theres always next year... ;) Mum I love you!! Thank you so so so so much!!! My camera here is on it's last breaths of life. Thank you so much!!! AND I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGES!!! Don't worry...I opened the boxes but not the presents. But I did start eating the Mac'n'Cheese and watched the wedding DVD. HOLY COW that DVD WAS AMAZING!!!! It was so good to see everyone and to see that nothing had changed ha! Everyone is still the same, but just looks a little bit older. Kate and Matt are the only ones who have really changed the most...well and Danny, apparently Danny has teeth now. Ha that was good to see ;)
We had another amazing week here in Don Valley! We made standards of excellence again and the Lord is truly opening up the windows of heaven and pouring out his blessings upon us. If all goes according to plan we'll have some of our investigators interviewed for baptism this week and then baptized on the 22nd. Keep Sylvia, Katrina and her kids in your prayers. They are absolutely amazing!! The work is just so different here in Don Valley. I imagine it being like South America. Just going into peoples homes to teach and then while you're there you teach there cousins, uncles, friends, etc. For real, it rocks. I'm kinda getting the language. The gift of tongues is real peeps. I'm so grateful that I've had a chance to experience it as a missionary. business items:
So the mission Christmas party pday is next week on I'm not sure when I'm going to email next week...but I will email! But in the next email if you could tell me when you would like me to call for Christmas that would be great. Christmas isn't on a Sunday this year so we won't have to deal with the weird "should I ring before or after church" nonsense ha. So I can pretty much ring anytime between 8am-12pm Utah time ( 3pm-7pm my time) So just let me know! Can't wait to see you all!
Ok back to Don Valley:
I just can't get over how prepared the people are here. They live in such humble circumstances that have prepared them to fully except the gospel of Jesus Christ (evanjelium Jezisa Kristus. Just wippin slovak all up in here ;) ) I am just so honoured to be among such prepared people. It truly shows how much God loves his children, all of them. He is so aware of every thing that goes on, and what a blessing it is to be apart of it. I get to tell people how much God loves's da best! I think out of all the things we do, I love telling people how much God loves them. I say something like "do you have any idea how much God loves are his precious are a child of God." I don't think even we as members of the church can even being to understand the love of God. Each Christmas we get to celebrate the greatest act of love that God ever showed us...and that is Jesus Christ. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Our Heavenly Father (Nebeski Otec) gave us a Saviour...a Redeemer so that we could live as a giant family forever. I don't know about you, but I'd say that is a LOT of love!! I love Christmas. I love you! (to the moon and back of course) and I love my God and my Saviour. I love that little baby wrapped in swaddling close layed in a humble manger. I'm so grateful everyday that I get to represent him :) So no one forget the reason for the season. Jesus Christ.
I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and Cheers til next time!
Love, Sestre Brownova :)

Week 59

Hello my dear beloved family!
First, comments on the pictures..
Danny has teeth?! have a beard...? What?!
Ok my Sisters are models!!!
I love mashed potatoes...
Now comments on the news...
MARIEL IS GOING TO THE UKRAINE?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh my gads youre going to love it! There is a Sister missionary here in our mission that is from the Ukraine! She ROCKS!! Her name is Sister Kitchenko. She leaves for home in just a few weeks. Keep an eye out for her!! Congratulations Mariel! I'm so proud of you! The  temple there is gorgious too!
Malory's papers are going in...AHH!! Mal where are you going to go?! We'll find out soon enough!! Maybe you can tell me at Christmas!!
Ok so I am in HEAVEN!!! I love my companions, I love my area, and I love the people we're teaching. We are teaching LOADS!! Things are just booming here in Sheffield. We don't really do any kind of finding cause we're teaching so much And get this...Raymond...I'm teaching a HUNGARIAN GYPSY!!! I so wish you were here to talk to her she's so wonderful! Everyone here is either Slovak or Gypsy. (Yes, Gypsy's do exist in the real world not just in Notre Dame) So I literally am learning a brand new language and I love it!! The people here just live in the humblest of conditions and because of their poverty they are so receptive to the gospel. Their faith in Jesus Christ is just solid! Did I mention I love it here!?  I LOVE IT HERE!! We're not sure how perminent the transfer is though. Because Sisters Freeman, Sorensen, and Kitchenko are leaving mid transfer (its cheaper for the church to send them home before Christmas ;( So sad they're leaving!!) So because we're in a 3some it means one of us will be going to fill the spot....not sure how that's going to work....but we'll find out in 2 weeks. I sure hope it's not me!! Just know that your missionary is all smiles and is so happy. OH and our flat address is thus:
109 IQuarter 10 Blonk Street
Sheffield, S3 8GB
Feel free to send me some post ;)
My first week here has been absolutley amazing! It started with an EPIC Thanksgiving dinner at our ward mission leaders home...It was SO GOOD! Every bite was like I was eating good! I just can't believe Thanksgiving is over now!! We then finished our week off by making Standards of Excellence (Joey will know what that is) This is my 1st time doing it my whole mission. I told my dear companions that I want to do it every week the rest of my mission! I've only got 4 months left and I want to work EVERY SECOND I GOT LEFT!! Time is running out...this will probably be my last area and I want to tear this place apart!! Family be looking forward to the miracles we'll be having here in Don Valley...cause there is going to be loads!!
I love you all so so so so much! I know God lives. I know Jesus is the Christ. I know our church is true. I know my companions are the bees knees, my area rocks, and I get to room with Sister, I am spoiled WROTTEN!! :D Ha God really does bless you when you endure trials faithfully ;) I love you to the moon and back!!
Love, Sister Brown

Week 58

Dear Familia...
I will be VALLEY!!!! I AM GOING TO THE MIGHTY SHEFFIELD ZONE!!!! Things in Sheffield are BOOMING right now! I'm going to MISSIONARY HEAVEN!!! I am also....SPEAKING ANOTHER LANGUAGE!!! :O!!! I am going where Sister Freeman and Sister Stout went...I am speaking Slovakian!!!! Pray that I may be able to have the gift of tongues!!! I am just sooo excited!!! I am going to be in a 3-some with the beautiful (drama free!) Sisters Melander and Benson!! Sister Melander is from...non other...BLACKFOOT IDAHO! And Sister Benson is from Denmark!!! We are going to TEAR IT UP!!! They are having us in a 3-some because there is so much work to do in the area that just 2 missionaries can't cover it all :D (As you can probably tell I'm pretty excited!) And I haven't even told you the best part....I'M GOING TO BE IN THE SAME FLAT AS MY CHILD...MY BABY...THE BEST MISSIONARY (ok I am a little bias...I mean, I did trained her) non other than SISTER (MY FAVOURITE CANADIAN) HALL!!! We're going to be roommates again!!! She is serving in the Sheffield Uni Chinese speaking area and we're all going to be in the same flat together!! We'll be spending CHRISTMAS TOGETHER!!!! :D :D :D!!! What a huge answer to prayer! Don Valley will mostly likely be my last area. I've got 3 transfers left and I'll probably spend all 3 in Don Valley. (But who knows I might have another area up my sleeve ;) )
More crazy news...
Sister Berakdar got transferred as well!! She's going to Herrogate. (If you do want to send her something for Christmas send it to the mission office (The Lister House, Lister Hill address)).  So they're closing Alnwick for 6 weeks. We've got a little bit of a shortage of sister missionaries for the time being, but after the new year we're getting a FLOOD of missionaries. I have no doubt they'll open dear Hogwarts up again. I had a good chat with President about it a few weeks ago and suggested that Alnwick needs Elders. So my guess is that in the new year he'll put Elders here :) There is only so much Sisters can do, and Alnwick would definitely benefit from Elders.
Well with all that news done :) On to the email. Man, I cannot believe it's Thanksgiving this Thursday. Everyone eat A LOT of mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing for me!! Last year in my email I wrote home about all the things I'm grateful for and I think I'm going to do that again this year :)
1. I am beyond grateful for my family. Holy cow...I love you guys!! I could not do anything without you. You're love, support, prayers, encouragement, have carried me my whole life and mission here in beautiful England. I hope you know how grateful I am for each of you. Thank you for your patience during my stupid times, thank you for the laughter, thank you for always seeing in me what I just couldn't see, thank you for being tough on me and expecting my best, thank you for your examples to me, thank you a million times over, thank you.
2. Sunshine. I am grateful for my dear friend Vitamin D ha! Enough said :) It's winter time here in the North so it's like Alaska...we don't see the sun much ha!
3. England. Jolly Ol' England. You're chippy's, way I man, can't be bothered, rubbish, drive on the left side, round-a-bouts, thank you petal, oh I could go on and on!! I love this land SO MUCH!! I will truly leave a piece of my heart here. Thank you England for shaping me into who God saw in me all along
4. The people who have changed my life here. I would be a giant stick in the biggest pile of mud if I didn't say thank you to the Robsons. Thank you my beautiful mission family. I love you! I also need to thank the other members, investigators, my converts. You have changed my life for good. Thank you!
5. Hot Hands. Yes, I still have 2 giant costco size packages of those hand warmers you sent me last year...Wow...they save my life.
6. My Mission. Next to the temple, my time here in England serving my God, Saviour, and the English has been so sacred to me. I will treasure every moment I've had and every moment to come. The lessons, the people, the person God has helped me become...are absolutely priceless to me. Thank you for loving parents to pushed me to serve. Thank you Mum. Thank you Daddy. I love you!
7. "Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to thee..How Great Thou Art." I don't think grateful could possibly describe how I feel about my Saviour. I feel him everyday, he is with me all the time. I am humbled and honoured to be able to represent him. He has changed my eternity. Because of him I can be with my family forever. Because of him I can change...I can be better. I mean the list could go on and on and on of all the things I can do because of him. Thank you God for loving me and this whole wide world so much that you sent your only son. I hope we can each take some time this Turkey season and thing about our Saviour and every reason why we should be grateful for him most of all.
I can't believe it's Thanksgiving...I can't believe the Christmas lights are out!! Absolute Madness.
I hope you know how much I love each of you! (to the moon and back I do :) ) Have a wonderful week and I'll email on Monday! Cheers!
Love, Sister Brown

Week 57

How is the best family in the whole wide world?!?!?!?!?
Mum the pictures were FAB!!! Every missionary loves pictures! Jillie I got your package with all the pictures!!! AHHHHH KATE IS SO BIG!!! I just can't believe how fast the time is moving!
First and foremost...I have a little bit of business to take care of...
Wow, you two are old...haha no just kiddin ya! I hope you both! Have such a magical day full of wonder! I'll be thinkin about ya all day!! It's also "Bonefire Night" here in England. You know the saying, "Remember, Remember the 5th of November..." Here in England they celebrate Guy Fox night..he's that guy who tried to blow up parlament ha! So there will be loads of fireworks and bonefires just like last year!! The best thing is that I'll be spending Bonefire Night in STANLEY again! We have Zone Confrence in York tomorrow so we're staying with the Stanley Sisters tonight so I'll get to spend PDay with the Robson ;) SCORE!
Speaking of the Robsons, the funeral went really really well. I think it was my first funeral where I actually felt the loss of it all. Singing at the funeral was one the hardest things I've ever had to do, but one of the most spiritual experiences. I just kept praying and praying that I would be able to sing and not burts into tears. God truly carried me through the song, I only cried at the very last sentence. The Robsons asked if I would sing, "Hold of the Light will come"..ya tough one to sing at a funeral. But I made it through. I truly felt your love and prayers singing on the stand, I know I wasn't alone singing. So needless to say Saturday was a pretty rubbish day. Its just tough to see the people you love hurting, but I know if there is anyone who can get through all of this, it's the Robsons.
I really am learning why God sends us trials. I think he does it cause he loves us. I know that sounds totally backwards...but I think it might be true. He wants us to grow, to learn, to experience all the things he's ever experienced...he wants us to become like him. This is how he shapes us, molds us, refines us. The saying, "What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger..." Yup, it's so true. In these moments it does make us stronger or more able to help others. In these moments it's where we turn to God and become closer to him, we plead with him, council with him, and then he sends his sweet spirit to our aching souls. "Be still my soul, the Lord is on my side." I have definitely felt that this week, I know the Lord is on my side, my loving family is on my side, what more do I need? :) I know that God is shaping me into the person and daughter he needs me to be, it's not been the easiest thing in the world...but I am grateful that he loves me enough to mold me.
Just know that your missionary is doing just fine! You know me, I can't stay down for too long. It's a brand new week and I get to be a representative of Jesus Christ!! It doesn't get any better than that!
I love you all to the moon and back and hope you have a brilliant week!!! Cheers til next week!
Love, Sister Brown
Oh ps! About the Christmas I was thinking...sending things really expensive, and I don't really need anything! So how about anything you would send to me, send to Sister Berakdar. Chances are she's not going to be getting anything from her family this year. Send her something and not me. Plus, I'll be getting home 3 months after Christmas and I'm definitely going to be needing a pedicure when I get back and some Cafe Rio ;) We'll just have Christmas in March for me. How about that?
I can't believe it's close to Christmas time!!! I'll be seeing your face soon my beautiful Mum!! I love you so so so much!!! Heres a big hug and kiss from me....can you feel it?! Good, cause it's a big one! ;)
Love, your Teedle Tay