Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 4

oh how i love my momma and my family!!!
first of all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE NEPHEW MATTHEW!!!! i was thinking about you all day on the 7th! i hope you had such a great day and that you know you aunt tay tay loves you soooooo much!!!!!!! and don't you worry i'm getting a happy bday card to you today!!!! i love you!!
HELLO EVERYONE!!! Have i got news for you and some time to answer all of your questions!!!! :D!

How is your new area?
Wonderful!!! I'm in the northern area of Sunderland! But you will never guess where i am specifically....DURHAM!!!!! coincidence...i think NOT!!! it's the county of Durham but the city of Stanley! Oh its wonderful here!!! Its been pretty cold, windy, and rainy but nothing that this sister can't handle ;) i'm SO glad we got me that coat before i got here, it is working wonderfully!
 Where is Sister Freeman from and how long has she been out?
She is from EVERYWHERE!! she has moved around 25 different times but before she left for her mission she was in arizon..but apparently her family is in idaho now ha. She has been out a grand total of....3 months. So she has been...i wouldn't say freakin out but freaking out that she is my trainer, cause she is basically a greeny herself. Sometimes it's like the "blind leading the blind" but God has a reason for everything!! but even her lack of experience has made me stronger!!! i'm so grateful for it!
 What was your favorite thing you ate this week?
EVERYTHING!! Our ward is absolutely wonderful! We basically have dinner (aka Tea...thats what they call it here) appoinments almost everyday. They feed us alot of vegetables which i love!!! I'd have to say specifically we ate some cabbage yesterday with the Knox's and it was super good 
what was you least favorite thing you ate?
ummmm not really anything yet ha everything has been wonderful!
 Is it cold yet?
ha it's about as cold as st. george gets in the winter, so totally manageable. i do a lot of layering!! :) 
Where do you live, what is the "flat" like, do you share it with any other missionaries?
My flat address is:
12 Ridley Street
Stanly DH9 0PD (that's a zero not an "O")
Co Durham
My flat is great!!! and it's just me and Sister Freeman. I'll take some pictures of it for next time cause its kinda hard to describe 
What was Church like?
So great! and a little overwhelming ha there is just a lot of people i dont know but i'm so looking forward to meeing and knowing everyone. i did get to bare my testimony and introduce myself a little bit. but the members are absolutly wonderful and love missionary work. we have loads of members totally willingn to go out and teach with us. its amazing!! 
Do you have a church house like here or is it a branch?
Its like the brick one we have. Little but effective :)
 How far away do you live from the mission home?
We're about 2hrs North of the Mission home
 Did you get your package with the pillowcase and journal
YES!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I absolutly love the pillow case and the goodies ESPECIALLY THE PEANUT BUTTER!!!! i was only able to get a loaf of bread when i got here so i've been living off of PB and J so you saved my life haha. PB is a hot item around here...basically it's golden because it's foreign...i guess the pb they have here is gross so thank you so much for the gold!!! And thank you for the letters i got one from mom, jill, malory, and grandma! than you so much! I'll hopefully have some time today that i can write you all back!!
It's good to hear that everyone is doing well!!
So this week i would like to call it "knock knock knock knock knock/ learn learn learn learn learn" ha
Everyday the night before we look at our area map and pick streets that we feel God wants us to go because that's where his prepared children are. So we go and we knock ha and a lot of the time either their not home or not intersted but it's the best!!! i truly love it! (joey do you have any good finding approaches i could use??) Or we have some people we have set up to teach...which this week have flogged us (ditched/didn't show up) which isn't the best but you know me..that WILL NOT get me down :) I'm so looking forward to this week cause it will be a week where i actually know what i'm doing ha.
This week i've learned that i MUST COMPLETLY RELY ON THE SPIRIT! i've never in my life had to rely on the spirit this much. i must rely on it 24-7, so it is a change from the normal but i am truly stretching and growing through this work. i know that nowhere else would i be able to stretch and grow this much!!! i love this gospel so much and i am trying every day to bring those to the truth.
The people we're teaching (prayers needed)
Brain and Danielle: are people that S. Freeman had been teaching. Danielle is scheduled for baptism on the 22nd. Brian still has some repentense things to work out but we WILL GET HIM THERE
Allen: is someone we found while i was here :) our first lesson with him will be tonight on the restoration. pray that he feels the spirit of this message!
For now that's it...our goal is to get NEW INVESTIGATORS!! so we will have more for you to pray for :)
i love you all so much! i'm gonna try to get some pictures on here for you so you can see some MTC and here pictures. Thank you for the love, letters, and prayers!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!! Till next week!
Love, Sister Brown

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