Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 5

Hello wonderful family!!
 I would like to call this week "Miracles happen when you're in tune with the spirit"
One of the miracles we saw this week was that Brian and Danielle both cleared Presidents mission interview so THEY'RE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! October 28th is the official date because Brian still needs some time to quit smoking but i know that through prayer God will help him!! Our lesson with Alan...went ok. the spirit was so strong but he still kept saying "That's great, but its really not something that would be important to me" so Sister Freeman said we should probably drop him, but we're going to go back one more time tonight and teach him the Plan of Salvation and see how that goes. We are also teaching a lady named Helen (she is wonderful!) She has a lot of medical problems associated with her lupus so it's hard to get her to church but we had a powerful restoration lesson with her this week where she kept saying "ya that makes sense...i totally see why it would have to be like that" it was amazing!!!
One of the harder things we're trying to work on is finding new investigators. So we've been working on our "door approaches" trying to get some variety so we're not saying the same thing to everyone (because everyone is different and needs different things) and that seems to be working, we have a few really good potentials that we hope will turn into new investigators.
The miracles that happened his week were
1. I feel like i'm getting better at understanding the spirit haha cause when we talk to people we have no idea what they need, but the spirit does. So in deserning what i'm supposed to say is slowly but surely getting better :)
2. (prepare for an amazing story :) ) So me and Sister Freeman went on splits with members on Friday which was a ton of fun. I went with our 17 year old member Jade who is hilarious. So we were knocking a door (and I was by myself so I had no idea what I was I'm so green I'm glowing!) and this Japanese looking lady answered the door and looked so happy to see us and said "I am so glad you're here!!!!! I've been looking for a church to go to! Come in!!" Ok apparently that is a big deal because I told Sister Freeman and she feaked out and then our DL and ZL freaked out too ha. So we went in and I taught her the first lesson (well at least tried :S like I said I am very new to this mission thing so I think it went ok) she wants to hear more about it and we have an appointment set up with her next Sunday! It truly is amazing what the spirit will do for us, there are a lot of times where i've been prompted to say thing and I'll say it and it will be exactly what that person needs to hear. I do know that if we're constently pleading and searching for the spirit that it will be given to us, and we'll know what to do. We just have to ask and pray for it.
Funny (well I thought it was funny story) of the week
SO yesterday evening we were out in an area tracting and as all of you know, I sister Taylor Jean Brown am not at all aware of my siroundings...well in the process of not being aware I completely stepped in wet cement! WET CEMENT!!! So at first I felt really bad cause I had messed up the cement, so I apologized and tried to make it right-see if there was anything I could do. but the people whose cement I stepped in didn't seem to worried about it. So we walked away and of course I just so happen to be really good at laughing at the stupid things I constently do. so I started laughing pretty hard...Sister Freeman didn't think it was too funny but if made me think about all the rejection, cold, being a greeny things that have been a struggle and how I needed that laugh more than anything. Sometimes we really do just need to laugh about the things that happen and take heart that our Heavenly Father is in control.
To answer your questions, yes you (as in family members) can send letters to my flat (not packages though..send those to the mission home) but every week at district meeting we get our mail from the mission home so even if you do send it to the mission home I still get it that week. I'm gonna end this kinda short cause I want to be able to send you pictures but know that I love you all and thank you SOOOOO much for your prayers and putting my name in the temple. i so feel it here! I love this work and how it is constently pushing me to be and do better. I love teaching the gospel and seeing how it truly changes lives!! Have a great week family and be safe! Take care of Mom everyone for me!!! I love you all to the moon and back!!!
Love, Sister Brown

Sister Brown in England!!

This is Sister Olsen.  She is the sister I got the very closest with in the MTC She is now in the Scotland Ireland Mission.


This is our flat :)

Mission President and my companion Sister Freeman

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