Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 12


Hola! Como esta? (Welcome to the memory of Joey's letters...I'm so glad you could come ;) )

Ha just kidding! Lets try this again!


Hey ya! You allight?! (yes...this is how we great eachother here in jolly ol england)

How is everyone!? From the sounds of it my email had a virus on it and i gave you my cold mum. I'm so so sorry, if it's the one i had it waw CRUMMY! I just so happened to give it to Sister Freeman but her body seems to be fighting it better than mine did :S. Get feelin better Mum!

We saw many miracles this week but one of them SURELY came from the fast this Sunday. THANK YOU so much for the fast, i tell you MIRACLES HAPPENED on Sunday. So our goal for the mission is 425 baptisems this year and if each companionship in the whole mission gets 1 baptisem this month we'll reach our goal. So we started teaching this man/hobo (yes he's kinda a hobo but we love him...even though he does smell....YES we love him) and he's been coming to church for the past 2 years but hasn't let any missionaries teach him but FINALLY he said that we could. So the past week we've been teaching him and STRIVING to get him to have an answer to his prayers about being baptized this month. For some reason (the spirit it the best) we felt prompted that he needed to be baptized on the 17th so i dedicated my fast that he would recieve an answer. So ALL this week he's been randomly opening up the BOM and the passages he's been reading have been all about (drum roll please...) BAPTISEM! Coinsidence...i THINK NOT! But he still wasn't seeing that that was a SIGN FROM GOD that he should be baptized. So we fasted and prayed.......and at church i was talking to him and he just looked SO HAPPY! So i said, "Edward, you look so happy today! Did you get your answer!?" and he just smiled and said that he had. Earlier that morning he prayed and said, "Should i be baptized on the 17th?" and he opened the book of mormon to....3 Nephi....Chapter....17!!!!!!!!! And that was his answer, that he's supposed to be baptized on the 17th! I PRAY THAT ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN!!!!! After being here for almost 3 months i've realized that Satan...he's a baller. He plays his game...and he plays it well. But i'm on the winning team, i just have to practice my skills SO HARD and pray with all my might. Putting as much faith as i can and i know God will help us!

I love you all so much!!!! To the moon and back!!! Take Care! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown

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