Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 11

Oh how i loved all those pictures!! Merrick thanks for eating all those mashed potatoes for me!! Thank you so much for your love and support everyone! i just love you all so so so much!! And yes i did feel that prayer of Thanksgiving and i'll tell you why...So it would have been thankgiving time there in Idaho time but here it was friday...and we found....4 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. I feel them everyday, truly. JILLIAN!!!! GAAAAA YOU MADE FIDDLER!! (is anyone surprised? Not me cause my sister is AMAZING!!) Keep me posted on how things go!! And that jerky story HILAROUS! I've got a little bit of a cold so when i read that story i just about had a couging attack from the laughing! Love you Yackm :) Mal Pal, oh how you insipire me. COMPETITION!!! GAAA!!! Keep me posted on that as well!

I'm glad you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! My thanksgiving consisted of...drum roll please....indian food. (I don't know what it is about the english but they love a good curry ha) I could truly feel the love and prayers all the way over here in Durham! I love you so much fam!

This week was SO GREAT! On Tusday and Wednesday we had Sister Specialized Training at the mission home in Leeds. It was wonderful!!! The focus was on doing the little things for people that matter the most. We watched that Lighthouse video (the older Seminary one...about the guy who gave random things in his will to random people who had done and act of kindness to him that changed his know the one i'm talking about?? I'm pretty sure we watched it for FHE once upon a time) it was soooo good! You truly never know how a little act of kindness can make the difference in somones life. We also focused on love, how love changes everything. There is a sister here named Sister White (oh man i want to be like her ha) She said that one of the most important thing she learned was loving people, and seeing them how God sees them. She said that each morning she prayed, "Please bless i can show maybe just one, just one person how much you love them today. That in some way they can feel through me your love." That hit me so hard. When we knock on doors we only have just seconds to tell them our message, but i never thought about leaving behind love. Oh how that made all the difference this week. Focusing on "How much does God love this person...How can i show them how much God loves much he yerns for them to come back home". That is what his work is all about. Love. i LOVED Sister Speicalized Training! We (all of us sisters in the whole mission...which is only like 20 of us ha) were able to spend some quality time with each other (which doesn't happen ha cause we're all spread out pretty far from each other) and to learn and grow. Also to spend some time with President and Sister Lindley. They are SOOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!

Can you beleive it's December on Thursday?! Time is just FLYING!!! Less then 4 weeks i'll be talking with the people i love the most!! How wonderful will that be :) I love you all so so much and I hope this week is a happy one! I love to the moon and back! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown

 Ok i'm sure your wondering "what's with the hats...the wierd hats..." So during the Royal Wedding England went crazy over hats. A lot of people wore weirdo hats at and for the wedding (ha google it ;) ) so Sister Lindley was able to get some of them at the charity shops around here ha so we had an old fashioned Tea Party :) It was SOOO FUN!
Ha i took this while the wind was literally 100 joke and it was raining :) Oh how i love this work!! :D

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