Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 31

WE FINALLY MOVED!!! Oh happy day we are out of that flat on Wellington Road and we are now on Trinity Road :) Our neighbors are a couple of really sweet old ladies (Hallelujah).

I sent some pictures of how everything looks! Isn't it just so great!! We're just so happy to be there and out of our other place. The first thing Sister Hall said when we got all moved in was "Awhhh...it smells like New Investigators" haha oh how I love her! We are just so excited for the adventures, the revelations, the memories, and miracles to be had in this new Flat! SO EXCITED!

This week we found a great chinese family! (There are LOADS of Chinese people here in England) So with that comes the GIANT language barrier. We're going to do the best we can to teach them...pray that we get the gift of tounges ha!

Other than that not a whole lot happened this week. Sadly alot of the time there is the "After baptism lul" Where we do the whole..."Ok...now what?" And that what is finding :) We just go out and do what we do best, find those that God and the angels are preparing for our message. I know they're out there, we just got to find them!!

Sorry this email is so short! I wish there was more I could tell you! I'm doing just great! Things here in England are still so beautiful!! The church is true...the book is blue...and Moroni is always on the ball ;) I know my Redeemer lives and while He lives I'LL SING He lives my prophet, preist, my King!! :)

I love you all to the moon and back! Cheers til next week!!

Love, Sister Brown

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