Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 37

Hello my beautiful family!

Sorry about yesterday. It was zone PDay so we had NO time to email...and you know my thoughts on zone PDay...


It's your Sister Missionary living in Harry Potter. Yes Hermione is super smart and has excepted the fullness of the gospel and is getting baptized tomorrow ;) big deal...

HA! I wish!

But seriously I live in Harry Potter land...don't worry I'm taking pictures Mom.

Yep Mom go ahead and put it in Google Earth and see the cute little place I live in...can you see a silver car...?? Yep that one...right there...yep that's the car I drive. Yep you guessed it, you're little missionary is in another driving area and I'm the driver ha! Don't worry, it's an automatic and I'm super pro at driving on the wrong side of the road now. You can start worrying when I get back home...cause I'll want to drive on the left side cause that's what I've been driving for my first 3 transfers and now these future ones :)

Things in Alnwick are beautiful, beautiful scenery and companion. Sister Delucchi is a gem! Such a sweetheart! She is from Las Vegas (Just around the riverbend!!) And she's planning on going to Gma and Gpa Taylor land at none other than BYU ID when she goes back to the land of the Muggles. (Cause we're going to Hogwarts right'all are muggles....sorry.) I just adore her and I'm looking forward to our time together.

Here in Alnwick...there is alot of work to do. Let me explain the missionary lingo of "white-washing". This means that you and your companion open a new area where missionaries haven't been for awhile. Don't worry we've not doing that...but it is kinda like we're "gray-washing". Meaning....I got here and nothing is really going on. We have no investigators. None. So we have to go out and find some peeps to teach!! :) I'm not too worried about it cause that's how Brid was and look at it now, it's booming! So pray that me and Sister Delucchi may be able to find the people that God has prepared for us here and that their hearts will be softened to the message we bring.

From what I understand about Alnwick is that it's full of a few things...Harry Potter....old people, and chav's. (chavs = crazy rebellious teenagers...) But hey, that's what they said about Brid too. I'm thinkin President Lindley wants me to pull a Bridlington..ya no pressure. ha but truly all is well in Zion. I think Raymond might understand a little bit more than my Latino Land serving brothers when it comes to finding people. Ray, you know how I'm feelin??...ya I think you do ha. BUT the gospel is true. That's the beauty of it, we're sharing truth so we can't go wrong. We just have to find those that are prepared.

Another person to keep in your prayers: Sister Delucchi's Dad. So she had been here in this country for just a few months and her Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. He has a brain tumor that they don't know what to do with. I don't know how she stayed on her mission, but she did. She goes home and the end of August and from what she hears her Dad isn't doing too well...Pray that her Dad will be able to at least make it to September so she can see her Daddy. Fathers Day is coming up and she's having a hard time. Keep her and her family in your prayers ya?

Speaking of which I have a few important announcements:



LEARNING...AND....learning....and praying...and playing...and praying....(ya don't remember this verse hahahaha!)


HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY!! Don't worry I put your card in the post today!

AND...I think someone needs there very first Brown Family Birthday Song...

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN TOLD! (i dont know what I've been told!)

SOMEONE HERE TURNED ONE YEAR OLD (someone here turned one year old)

SOUND OFF (happy!!) SOUND OFF!! (birthday!!!)


HOLY COW MY LITTLE NIECE IS A YEAR OLD!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ok it was just yesterday that I held her in the hospital and burst into tears!! (In front of Connie...embarrassing...) I can't believe it! Jillie give her the biggest kiss for me K!!!!???? Has she gotten her little outfits I sent yet???? When you do, you have to take pictures and send them to me!!!

I love you all sooooo much!!! The church is so true k? If you need reminding, get on your knees and let Heavenly Father tell you the truth!

I love you to the moon and back!!

Love, Sister Brown

PS...Dad...your not the Bishop do you feel?! Thank you for the beautiful 5 years of service!! You are da best! :) I love you Daddy!

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