Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 22

I would like to take a moment of silence for my girl and diva Whitney Houston






Alright! Man the things that happen while you're on the mission! Joey did Michael Jackson die while you were out?! I think he might have...I don't remember.
Hello Family!!!

Things here in Bridlington are just GREAT! You are right it is a small fishing village right next to the North Sea! It's right down the street from our flat! (Don't worry i took some pictures to send ;) ) Things here with Sister Stout are just great! We're workin really hard! Our teaching pool here isn't the biggest..but that just means we've got a lot of Gods prepared children to find which is exciting! I do miss my greeny area SO much, but it is nice to stread my missionary wings and actually become the missionary God wants me to be. I feel like i'm growing so much :)

My new address is:

74 Wellington Road

Bridlington, North Humberside

YO15 2AZ

I truly do love it here! The area is REALLY SMALL so we just walk everywhere we go which is SO nice!  Its so nice to be outside and actually talking to people. While in a car area you don't get a lot of chances to just street contact- we usually just knocked A LOT of doors, but here we get to walk everywhere which is really nice!

The highlight of the week was A BAPTISM! The second day i was here we had a baptism!! His name is Richard Marnick and he's 16! He is so amazing! One of the best 16 year olds i have ever met! He is another Golden Investigator! He just gets it! He's not your typical 16 year old. He has one of the biggest hearts and such a huge testimony of this gospel. I'm so lucky i was able to be here for his baptism. I actually got to sing at it :) They didn't have a pianist so I told them i could just sing something accepella (spelling) and he said i could but I'd have to sing for him first (hahaha so basically i had to audition to sing in his baptism haha he's such a goof) It was such a neat experience.

I'm looking forward to serving here and getting to know the branch (yes it's a little branch ha!) members and the area better :) I LOVE being a missionary! I love this gospel! I love the wonderful oppertunity i have to share it!

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! To the moon and back!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day and can feel my love from here!!

PS. Mckay...YOU COULD GET YOUR CALL THIS WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'm gunna be on pins and needles ALL WEEK waiting!!! Send a video!!!!

Lets see where do i think you're going.....man i have no idea!!! Just because I'm in the bitter cold (haha) I'm gonna say I hope you go somewhere warm! I'm gonna say Tonga :) I love you so much Mac-o! Study up on Preach my Gospel Chapter 3. Joey will get you all prepared for what you need to know! Have him give you some pointers!
Shout outs!!

Keith Goodrich! HELLO FRIEND! I got your letter! TYLER IS COMING HERE TO ENGLAND!!! AHHH!!! so exciting! COLE IS GOING TO TEXAS!!!!!! I almost cried when i got his letter! i need his mission address so i can write him and Tyler! Be expecting a letter soon!


Love you all so much!! Cheers til next week!

Love, Sister Brown

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