Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 23

Hello my wonderful family!!

Man I wish that video would have worked!! For some reason the video wouldn't download right... :( But still Columbia!!! Wow!!!! I had a little prayer in my heart that he would go some place warm and looky there! My prayer/dreams came true!! Oh man this has been the best news i could have received! Congratulations MAC-O! i wrote him a better email about it so i won't go too into my excitement, but know that i am just so excited for you yakcM!

From the sounds of things, things are CRAZY in the Brown home! That does not surprise me one bit ;) Things are always pretty crazy from Jan-May in the Brown home. Crazy is good sometimes though!

Things here are good. You're favorite Sister Missionary is workin real hard here in Bridlington trying to find souls to save. We're in the process of trying to find new investigators...which can be tough here in Brid but i know we can do it!

Have i told you about one of our investigators Nanci?? I don't think i have so i will tell you! She is wonderful! She's 17...pregnant...and in the middle of a divorce...oh did i mention she was a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. I hope there are people out there who can appreciate the fact we're teaching a Born Again :) But she's looking pretty solid for her baptism on the 9 March. :D I truly do just love her so much. She's had to overcome some WOW difficulties, but she's gone 3 days without smoking!

....but yesterday, ugh was SUCH a horrible day. So she came to church for the first time (woot woot!!) but after church when she got home her water broke :( She delivered her little baby girl Alice 5 months early :( And little Alice didn't make it through the night. It was horrible. Just horrible. I kept thinking, "Why her? Why now?! She's changing her life, she's excepted the gospel, she has a testimony, she's not smoking!!! WHY Heavenly Father?!" After talking with S. Stout about it and getting a good cry in, i just felt just such a peace about it. Not that the circumstances changed, not that anything was made right...but the spirit did come and it brought peace to my heart. We then later on went and visited her. She had the most AMAZING ATTITUDE ABOUT IT!! She just kept saying, "Everything happens for a reason, God is in control, Every trial is a blessing in disguise." Man I just felt awful. After seeing her i just kept thinking "Where is my faith?!?!?!?!?" Nanci is exactly right. God is in control. He knows all things. He knows why everything has to happen, and it's all for our good. Each day I just come to realize how comfortable of a life I've got. I've never really gone through any major trials. But these people i continue to meet show me that even in the face of the biggest trials you can find hope, you can find faith...and it strengthens our faith!

I'm so grateful for my mission. For the things I'm learning each and ever day. For he opportunity i have to work hard and be a Representative of my Savior! i love him so much! I love each of you so much too! i hope this week is just SOOO great!!

Congratulations again Mckay! I love you so much and I'm just so proud of you too!!!

Love you all to the moon and back!!

Love, Sister Brown

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