Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 32

Hello my beautiful family!

First things first...

Bens a weird!! But so happy for him and Jules!! Congrats you too, she's ADORABLE!

I LOVE MEGAN KNELL!!! Ahhh the temple is the best, and she gets to go to the NAUVOO TEMPLE?! jealous ;)

Mal Pal...whoa SOOO AMAZING!!!! You wanna know something amazing....I'm singing that SAME SONG FOR THE BARRASS'S BAPTISM ON FRIDAY!!! Coinsidence...I think NOT!! I love you sister!

You have to know i laughed right out loud when you told me about the wendy's naptkin in the air conditioning of my car!!!! BAHAHA! Ya that thing has been ratteling for YEARS! Of course it was a Wendy's naptkin, of course! ;) Thank you for getting it fixed!!! That's so sweet of you!!

ELM= England Leeds Mission

It sounds like things are starting to wind down at the Brown home ha! Mal and Mac will be graduating soon...I can't believe it. And it will be summer!!!

Transfer news is as follows...all went according to plan and me and Sister Hall are staying together!! :D We're stayin in Brid. So I'll be here for another 6 weeks probably and then I'll get transferred. They usually have the trainers stay with their greenies for 2 transfers and then it's good for the greenie to take over the area so I'll be leaving soon :(

This week was an amazing one! THE BARRASS' PASSED THEIR INTERVIEWS!!! MY 5 MEMBER FAMILY IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!! And the sweet dears asked me to sing, I just love them so much! Things are just booming here in Bridlington. Since I've been here we've had 8 baptisms! 8 Baptisms in 3 months!!! What a blessing! I am so grateful everyday that God send me here to see all these blessings!

Then sings my soul my Savior God to thee...How great thou art :)

I love this song.

It's been on that has been in my head cause I'll be singing it at the Barrass'. The words are just beautiful and it really is how I feel! "Then sings my soul". This past week I've just felt my soul singing! This are really moving here in Bridlington. Not that things are hard, cause ha missionary work is hard...that's why its called work ;) But this truly is Gods work, I know this because I'm so happy! A loving Heavenly Father would want us to be happy. He created us, he knows what will make us that happiest! And those things are church, daily prayer, daily scripture study, following the commandments, and missionary work! With all of these combined we get HAPPINESS AND JOY!

Then sings my soul!!!

Everyday I am so grateful for my mission. I am especially grateful for Sister Hall! We figured out the other day that we are PB&J, the perfect combination. So she has a sister who is serving in the Philippians! (Big deal) and her sister gets home in just a few weeks and she misses her a lot sometimes and the other day she said to be, "I think I know why you're my trainer." ha and I laughed and said, "Ok, why?" She then said this, "You remind me so much of my Sister, I think God knew that I'd have a really hard time going 3 years without seeing he sent me you." And it really got me thinking about the type of person she is and why we get along so well..and it hit me...Sister Hall is just like my sisters...just like my Momma...just like my family. God has sent me my family.

Pretty cool huh? So PB&J and tearing it up here in Bridlington!! Watch out we come!

I hope each of you know how much I love you! Because I DO! And i get to see ya'all in 2 crazy...Joey you were right...this goes by TOO FAST! Come Mothers Day I'll have been out 8 months...whoa.

I know what God lives, that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and that I am here for a reason. I am forever grateful that I'm here because it's changing my life everyday!!!

Here's some love to the moon and back!! <3 <3 <3 (those are little hearts btw)

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