Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 24

Hello my wonderful family!!

So...I think this week was the longest week of my mission life ha. This whole Nanci thing has been pretty hard, but we're doing our very best to help her through it. The funeral was today (which we can't go sad about that) and so we're hoping that things will go ok after that.

I just wish there was more i could do sometimes.

Attention! Attention! I would like to pull a classic missionary thing and challenge my family to do something... need to read "Believing Christ".

This book has changed my life and outlook on the Atonement and how it works. I'm not going to lie...this Nanci thing really shook me up, I've been having a hard time BUT this book helped me SOOOO much! Sister Stout used her power of inspiration/revelation and told me to read it. This book is AWESOME! Read it :)

This week was a hard week, but you know what...I'm grateful for it. Doing things like going on a mission, trials, adversity, stress, these thing refine us-it truly shows what our true character is...and I'm given this opportunity to see what I'm really made of, and if i don't like what I see I'm given an opportunity to change. That is what this whole life is about is learning. Learning who we are and how we can be the person God intends us to be. I truly am so grateful for it. The refiners fire is a very hot and uncomfortable place, but i know that on the other side I'm going to be who God needs me to be :) Oh man..I can't wait to be that person!

I'm coming to know who Taylor Jean Brown really is and what I'm really made of. Some of it is good :) Qualities and gifts that i have that i want to keep and make stronger. But with the good comes the things that are not so good haha! When i started my mission I was so worried about coming home a different person, so worried that i would lose who i was. But now I see things SO differently! I want to be better, I want to be a better me :) I want to be a better daughter, sister, missionary, daughter of God. And through my Savior I know its possible, through my Savior I know that he can make more out of me than i ever could. And what a gift that is!

I'm so grateful for my mission. I'm so grateful for each and everyone of you! I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support! Thank you for your prayers, i feel them everyday!

I know this church is true. I know it with everything i have! I know it's true because I'm happy :) That is what this gospel does, it makes us happy when we're living it to the fullest. That no matter what comes, we can get through our trials with a smile.

Thank you to all the examples in my life. All the people who faced adversity with grace and chins held high! These people include and are not limited to: My sweet mother, Janece Gardner and family, Christine Gardner and family, The Allen's, Drake, Burrows, Saxton families and all other people that i just can't think of. Thank you for your examples, your strength and your faith. It is effecting me here and England and your example are helping the people I'm teaching here. Thank you with all my heart!!!!!!!

Cheers til next week and love from the moon and back :)

Love, Sister Brown

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