Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 26

Howdy y'all!
First of all...
Yay I'm glad you got the card!! Did you wear the pin?!? You better wear it to work!!! ;) I hope you have such a great day Daddy and know I love you so much!! I've been thinkin about ya allll day!
This weekend was absolutely magical! Nanci's baptism was wonderful! She was SO nervous about the water!!! She just about didn't get in, but seconds before she went into the font I just looked at her and said "Lets say a prayer" So me, her, and Sister Stout got in a circle and just put our arms around each other and said a prayer. The spirit was just so strong!!! She got in the water and it went perfect!
But this is not the miracle. So our precious Nanci before we met her used to self harm by cutting her arms up pretty bad. So when she was wearing the baptism jumpsuit you could see her arms and her scars (she was pretty embarresed about the fact that her arms were showing). The next day we went and saw her and she said, "You wanna know something weird?" Ha we said, "Sure, what's up?" She then explained and SHOWED us....that her scars were gone...yes you heard me...gone! And of course my mouth just DROPPED. I couldn't beleive it so she showed us and sure enough her scars were (for the majority) were GONE! I tell you everyone the gospel is TRUE! This girl has been through so much in her short 17 years and she said it perfectly when she said, "It's like God and Christ are truly giving me a second chance at life...he's taken away my pain and the evicence of my pain. I get a new start."
It's so true. This gospel, the things were know are true give us a second chance. Each week we renew our baptismal covenants and we're given a second chance at a brand new week. What an amazing gift that is. That we're given a clean slate. We can repent and try to better ourselves EACH WEEK!
I am SOOO grateful i get to be a missionary! (Mac-o you'll get to have experiences like this! It's da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm so grateful for Nanci and the example that she has shown me :)
Shout outs!
Gma Taylor: Oh my goodness THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!! That was SO sweet and clever!! I sure love you lots!!
Gma Brown: I got your letter!!! I didn't have a whole lot of time today to write since it was Zone PDay today but I'll get one in the mail for ya ASAP
PS's....so...if your going to send me letters or packages send them to the Mission Home. Don't send them to the address of my flat here in Brid....we're pretty sure our neighbors are stealing our mail....
PSS Next week is transfer week so I'll be emailing on Tuesday. Ha who knows what will happen? Not this girl ;)
I love you all so so so much! To the moon and back! Thank you for your love and support always! Cheers til Tuesday!
Love, Sister Brown

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