Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week 39

Hello my beautiful Momma and family!!

How are you all! MAC YOU LEAVE FOR THE MTC SOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOON!! What is Mac's missinary address. Cause he's family I'll be able to email him each week :) Waaahhoooo!

Mac: I know your freakin least I was. The MTC ROCKS!!! You'll love it! Just be yourself, work hard, pray hard and you'll be just fine I know it!

Well once again I am back in my greeny area!! I'm in STANLEY!! Cause I'm back in the Sunderland Zone I can come down for PDays if i want. I wish I was comin down for better reasons though...

I can't go into big details cause it's really not my story to tell but my missionary family...the Robsons...remember them at Christmas time. They're going through....everything. Basically they are Job (from the Bible). They're going through everything. Mom could you put their names in the temple for me? It's Gordon, Debbie and Shalina Robson. They need all the prayers they can get. Keep them in yours :)

But it's been so great being back and seeing them. Because of everything that is going on Sister Sorensen got special permission to come for the day so it was SO beyond good to see her too. We decided that we're best friends and that we're going to be neighbors for the rest of out lives and our future husbands are just going to have to deal with it :) It's just always good to be around people you love so much you know?

Well I wish I had more time :S but I don't. Just know that your missionary is doin just great! Mom you can send whatever you want to our flat. Chances are I'm going to be there for awhile. Don't worry about sending the medicine...well...ya send it ha! Don't worry about getting it in fast though. They have Clarityn here (yes they spell clarityn with a 'Y' here...) and it's working ok...I just take 2 a days instead of just one ha! But all is well in Zion. Just keep in your prayers that we find the prepared. Ugh, we still have no teaching we're just finding a lot. Just pray that I'll be able to do everything in my power to work my hardest all day long so I can find those who have been prepared for me and Sis Delucchi. I know they're here. I know we can get things rolling here. I know President sent me here for that get things moving. :D Don't worry, "No matter you where you are, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine :)" I've still got my sunshine! :) Thank you all for all you do! I love you all SOOO much!!! To the moon and back!!


Love, Sister Brown ;)

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