Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 41

Hello Family!!!
Mac is a missionary...Mckay is an ELDER!! Have you heard from him at all?!?! When is his PDAYs?? From the looks of it I'm gonna have to wait til next week to get his email :( But that is ok! How was he when you said goodbye? Probably better than me, man I was a WRECK! It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone! I'm sure he was such a pro about it! Hows my family doing with it all. Ya I'm sure things are A LOT quieter!! But yakcM is where he needs to be! He's going to be an amazing missionary! He's going to convert all of Columbia!!! (umm...can I PLEASE have his address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!) I just hope he has a great companion and is having wonderful experiences in the MTC!! Keep me posted on how he's doing!!
Can you believe how the time is flying! I'll hit my 10 mark on Sunday...ON SUNDAY!! Whew...time has no limits of a mission. Yay for Merrick!!! He'll be comin over to these parts soon enough! I meet people from New Zealand all the time and they are seriously the best! So nice, so chill. There a good mix of Australlian and English :) The best of both worlds ;)
This week was good! We found 3 new investigators! We pray that things will keep rolling here in Alnwick! We're still focusing on finding the prepared, getting our teaching pool up! Don't worry we're still teaching Hermoine and she actually reffered us to Ron!! Ron's got word of wisdom problems (he smokes... :S) but he knows its bad for him and is trying to quit ;)
Just so you know next week is the wierd transfer week. I won't be emailing this Monday but I'll be writing to ya on Tuesday. Chances are I'm staying here with Sister Delucchi and it will be her last transfer!!! Ahh! So crazy.
Well I wish there was more I could tell you. The work is moving forward and your lil missionary is doing well :)
Keep praying for the Robsons. I got the phone call this morning...Bro. Robson's cancer is back :( He has two tumors in his lung. Lung Cancer. Keep their family in your prayers. He's had cancer before I have NO DOUBT he will kick it's trash again ;) Also could you keep Jade Nixon in your prayers? Mom could you put her name in the temple too? I love you all so much! To the moon and back I do!!! Have a wonderful week ok!
Love, Sister Brown

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