Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 8


Oh how i love each of you so so so much!

1st. ok Jill and Ray...I mean Mario..Luigi (Kong out of Jungle?! Banana! hahahaha!!!) I loved your costumes!!! They were truly AMAZING!! And Danny look at you and your wonderful missionary self!!! One day you're going to be an amazing missionary!!!

2nd You ran into sister taylors MOM?! I haven't met her, but Sister Freeman knows her pretty well. apparently she gets home in December...crazy

3rd LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I'm not gonna lie....oh how i wish i was there!!!! but alas, i am here saving souls ha. From what i've heard its been amazing!!!!!! Mal i am just so proud of you! Keep letting your light shine!! You're wonderful!!!

4th MOM 2:30 in the MORNING?!?! You've gotta get to bed my beautiful mum!! :)

5th (because i COMPLETELY forgot to say anything in my email last week and felt absolutely HORRIBLE for not saying a word) MERRICK!!!! GGGGAAAAAAA YOU'RE GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D!!!!!!! So there was an Elder in my MTC district that was from Zew Zealand and he was THE BOMB!!! You will absolutely love it there and the people are going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Quote of the Week:

Random Chick: "I don't believe in God...i believe in science (no joke, she said it...but not with the mexican accent like in Nacho Libre...but with that wonderful british accent i hear ALL DAY) but i do believe in Jesus Christ

Me inside my head: "How can you believe in Jesus Christ but now believe in God...he's the SON of GOD"

Random Chick says to Random Drunk Friend: Ya Jesus Christ was like the coolest ginger ever!

(So that is what they call people with redish hair here...ginger. So malory (and dad in his younger years ;) ) in case you didn't already're a ginger :)

This week was...interesting to say the least ha! Halloween we weren't allowed to go out knocking (for obvious reasons) so we had to make sure we had appointments set up or if they flogged (british word for TOTALLY bailing on us, not showing up, telling us they would be there but we knock and no one is home) we would have to set up "effective member visits" (...member visits are RARELY effective ha) We had to do this same thing on Saturday (Jill and Rays BDay haha i bet you didn't know that your birthday is a holiday here in dear Ol England) It was Bonefire Night aka Guy Fox night. (Guy Fox was that guy WAY back in the day who tried to blow up parlament ha) So it is truly one of the craziest holidays here. Its like the 4th of the July on steroids! They have TONS of loud HUGE firworks and GYNORMOUS bonefires in their yards. Imagine a huge thing of wood about the size of the shed...then lit on fire so its about as big as the imagine it IN OUR FRONT YARD!!!!! ya these people are quite the pyros to say the least. So that night to we weren't allowed to go knocking...but we didn't know this until the night we had a lot of "effective member visits" cause we didn't have any appoinments :(

But earlier on this week was a bit of a hard one.

A. My little sister is in the middle of her Senior year crowinging moment playing Les Mis...which is something that is very dear to my family.

B. It was my sisters Bday this week...oh how i love and miss her


D. which was the cherry on the cake of downer-dome. Malcom relapsed atomically this week. We found him quite wasted (to say the least) earlier this week. I have never seen someone so broken, so sad, so devistated, so hurt, so ashamed...just broken in my whole life. Me, Sister Freeman, and the member that was with us just cried with him...we all just cried. But even in the tears of sorrow, worry, regret, the spirit was so strong there. After that lesson we were a mess, we just sat in the car and cried for him. So I asked if we could say a prayer, find some direction, find the way to help him.


God (aka the spirit) spoke to me. (ok I didn't hear a voice he didn't really "speak" to me....but there have been few times in my life where it has been SO CLEAR what i should do and what my purpose is...this was one of those times...)

I knew exactly what my purpose was. In the prayer i asked for a miracle...we needed a miracle. We can't be with malcom every minute of the day making sure he's being protected from his HORRIBLE FRIENDS. He has no one, his family has completely disowned him because of his drinking. We needed a miracle...

And plainer then i can even describe the spirit told me "Taylor, you are Malcom's miracle. You have been sent here by me to save him, to be his miracle. Without you he will fall (possibly die). Don't give up. You are his support, you are his gaurdian"

And then the peace flooded. ABSOLUTELY FLOODED!!! I knew exactly what i needed to do, what we needed to do. I know that Malcom is one of those souls in heaven that i promised i would help and i WILL help him. I know I can, because with God on my side anything is possible. I know it.

Never doubt the things that we are capable of-God has given us the gospel for a purpose. We have been born into this knowledge to save souls...and not just souls-specific people. There are people for each of us that we promised we would bring them the gospel so that they could come back home. It is our responsibility to find them, share with them, smile at them, love them, be examples too. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

I love this work, i love this gospel, i love my family :)

Fasting this week was EPIC! As a mission our goal for the year is 425 baptisms (not as many as a certain someone in el salvedor baptised in his years in S. America...but thats a lot here in the UK) and we're about 100 short. We have 2 months to baptize 100 souls. So our fast this month was to have the faith to find them. Believe that they are out there and that we can get them into the kingdom of God. I know anything is possible because of this fast. Last night I had so much faith, so much motiviation to find them and i know i couldn't have done it without God. Without my Savior...because this week was tough. But last night i was so happy, so pumped, SO motivated, i had so much faith at each door. I know that this was only possible because of the faith, prayers, fasting, of our mission and because of the paryers and fasting at home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! I truly couldn't do this without the support and love of each of you!! Thank you so much for you love, your letters, your prayers especially.

I know this church is true and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

I hope this week is absolutely wonderful!! My heart is there on stage with ya Mal and my heart is in the audience cheering you on...the loudest one there (cause i usually am inappropiately loud...which then makes me thing of my beautiful mum shhhushhhing me...which then makes me thing of my wonderful sibs who would be just as loud as i was being. Then Dad giving us the thumbs up :) )

I love you all so much!!! To the moon and back!! Turrah til next week! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown :)

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