Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 9

How are you?! The play is over :( But i'm so glad that you EXTENDED!!!!! GAAA!! I'm sure it was magical!!! And now on to competition season...time is FLYING! Today is my 2 month mark! Can you believe it's been 2 months! AND can you believe in 6 weeks it will be CHRISTMAS?!?!?!? soooo crazy! filling out...his mission papers....WHOA!!!!!!! YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR PAPERS DECEMBER 3RD?!?!?!?!?! THAT'S IN LIKE....3 WEEKS!!!!!! YAKCM!!!!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!!! You HAVE TO let me know how everything goes!! I hope everyone is doing so so so good!!
Well let me explain why it is that you didn't get an email yesterday. So it was transfer week this week (week 6) What ends up happening is on the 6th week we have District Meeting on Monday (we usually have it on Wednesday) and we get transfer calls that night. Then our PDay is the next day (Tuesday). So that is how it will work next time too....but i believe it will be Christmas so it will work just a little differently...but normally that is how it works. So every 6th Monday you won't get a letter til the next day :) Sorry if there was any confusion, i know that if we didn't get a letter from Joey on the day it was supposed to come haha it got manic :)
Thank you Grandma Brown for the letter and copies you sent! You're wonderful!
And thank you everyone for your letters! (You know who you are ;) ) I so appreciate all of your love and support!
This week was pretty crazy!! We had Zone Confrence on Tuesday (11/8) THEN we went on EXCHANGES :) Sister Freeman stayed in Stanley with Sister Smith and I went to Redcar (yes this place is literally called Redcar) with Sister Stout!
Zone Conference was amazing!!! President started out by saying, "Ok everyone...what if i told you that i had 3 buses outside and that you need to grab your recommends..we're going to the temple?" Of course we all freaked out (because we dont' have a temple in our mission so we can't go while we're here...sad day) haha so he then said "Well I'm sorry to say that i don't have any buses...but i have tried my very hardest to bring the temple to you" Then he talked a lot about the temple and all the meanings and things. OH IT WAS WONDERFUL!! You know how much this Sister LOVES the temple, i learned sooo much!
So mom remeber how you said that you met Sister Taylor's mom haha ya i totally met her at Zone Conference! She is WONDERFUL, i sat by her through the whole thing!! We talked about home and the play and how bumbed we were that we couldn't see it but knew it was going to be fabulous!! (which i'm still sure it was!) It was so wonderful to meet some more of the sisters and elders there and to partake of the wonderful spirit that was there!
After Zone Conference (like i said) we went on exchange!! Which was SO MUCH FUN!! Me and Sister Stout just bonded instantly! We had a great time together and with their investigators! We were able to schedule some to be baptized this month! Her name is Julie and she is WONDERUL!! Her spirit was just so lovely, she was an absolute joy to meet and to be around.
So funny story of the month! HA So me and Sister Stout are both Greenies so we don't really have any idea of what we're doing for the most part. So to get back to stanley we were planning on taking the train that would take us to Durham where S. Freeman and Smith would be to pick us up. Well we went on the train from Redcar to....somewhere that starts with a D...i can't remember. BUT we got there to switch trains and then head to Stanley. We get there...and our train doesn't come....we wait...and our train STILL hasn't come. Then on the monitor it says that it's been delayed. Ok we think "No big deal we'll just wait". 30 minutes pass and we're wondering what is going on ha Then over the loud speaker we hear "All NewCastle/Durham trains have been canceled. Due to a murder/suicide of someone jumping out in front of one of the trains you will have to find other means for transportation...." We look at each other and just say, "What in the world?!" haha So we ended up being STRANDED at the train station for 2.5 hours waiting for the Zone Leaders to come get us because we had no other way of getting back home.
So many times so far on my mission i think "If only my mother could see me now" haha But don't worry i got back safe and sound to dear Stanley safe and sound.
This week was wonderful! Full of knowledge, growing, faith, the Holy Ghost, love, the ups and downs of this work. I truly love it!
Transfers calls were yesterday and things are stayin the same here in Stanley. Me and Sister Freeman are stayin together. (They usually keep Greenies with their trainers for at least 2 transfers) I can't believe it's already been a transfer and i'm heading into my 2nd! Time is just flying by!
I hope all is so well for each and everyone of you!! I hope you're reading your scriptures and praying EVERY NIGHT!! And McKay start getting familiar with Preach my Gospel! I SOOO wish i had done more studying (not just passive reading ha) of it before i came! You are going to be an epic missionary! i just know it!!!
I love you all to the moon and back! Til Next week! Cheers!
-Love, Sister Brown


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