Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 7

HELLO EVERYONE!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN...but more importantly....
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER JILLIAN KAE DURHAM AND HER FABULOUS HUSBAND RAYMOND ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! ( i was planning on doing a video for you both...but time did not allow it :( ) (maybe next week....maybe) I hope you both have such a fun birthday!!!

So funny quote of the week: Yesterday October 30, 2011

Me: Knock! Knock! Knock! (on the door)

Random child yells through the letter box on the door: COME BACK TOMORROW!!!

Me: "ummm....well...we're not trick-or-treat'ers....."

Haha this same thing happened a lot last night as we went knocking....yes we're too old to be out trick-or-treating...thats why we're not...we're bringing you ETERNAL SALVATION :D

This week we truly saw the hand of God guiding us to those he has prepared, but we also saw the ugly face of the devil who just wants to bring us all down to the depths of despair where he himself lives.

One of the miracles this week is Jim Hall :)

We were knocking in an area that we felt inspired to go to...and of course by the end of our time there we said "ok lets just knock one more door" and of course that is where Jim lived (it's always the last door :) ) He opened the door and said "Oh come on in! I have friends who are Mormons!" His friends just so happen to be a couple who live in OUR WARD, it's Bro and Sister Smith. So we get chatting with him and he lost his wife a few years ago to cancer (tragic story :( ) and was now looking for a new belief in God. Wondering if he'll ever see his wife again etc. And of course we are just the right people to be talking to for those kind of questions :) So we gave him the first lesson and mixed in a little of the Plan of Salvation. We're planning on seeing him next week and Bro and Sister Smith said they'd pick him up for church. Well we were so excited about finding Jim that we called the Smiths to tell them. I talked to Brother Smith first and he just couldn't believe it ha he handed the phone over to Sister Smith and i told her what happened and she just started to cry. She had been life long friends with Jim's wife. They grew up together and as they got married they stayed really really close. After the death of her dear friend she started getting promptings to have the missionaries sent to Jim but she kinda brushed it off. BUT i guess as of lately she had a dream that Jim's wife came to her and told her to get her work done in the temple and to send the missionaries to Jim. I just started to cry!!! What a miracle. The Holy Ghost truly is amazing!! How he sends us to those who are prepared to hear the gospel. We still have a long ways to go with Jim but I know we can get him ready for baptism so he can be someday sealed to his sweet sweet wife.

I also learned at how good Satan is at his job....ok he's THE WORST!!!!!!

So it was HOURS before Brian and Danielles baptism...ok wait i might need to back up the story....

The day before the baptism (Thursday) we had a powerful lesson with them about the Holy Ghost and the preisthood. about how someday Brian could receive the preisthood and then they could someday be sealed in the temple (so powerful!! ahhh the spirit was there so strong) and Brian we SO excited about his baptism! he was inviting everyone "come to my baptism! Come to my baptism!" and sweet sweet danielle. oh she's wonderful! She just couldn't stop smiling! She was just so excited to have the holy ghost always

So HOURS before the baptism we get a call from Brian. Now we were on our way to Durham so Sis. Freeman was driving so i had to answer the phone. I then hear this, Brain: Hey, I’m not getting baptized...i just wrecked half my house and I’ve been smoking nonstop all day...I’ve been through about 20 cigarettes...." Sadness, devastation, frustration, anger, all these emotions just flood!!!! The background to this story is that before Brian and Danielle met the missionaries they had their 2 kids taken away from them. So they've been really trying to turn their lives around so they can get their kids back. That Friday morning they got a call that they had lost the appeal and they were not getting their kids back. They have one more last visit with them this week. Unless they can come up with £14,000 (basically $15,000.00) to fight another appeal they won’t' ever get their kids back. Well Brian has quite the temper...and apparently he went crazy and completely (to say the least) broke everything in their house and started smoking...big time. So he didn't get baptized on Friday....BUT sweet, wonderful Danielle did. And that was the biggest lesson there. Danielle from the beginning has been converted! She loves God and wants to do his will, she wants to be better...Brian is still very selfish and wants to do and be the person he is. He only wants to change when it's convenient for him. So he is not yet converted. Which is in a way a blessing. It's better than we see the true testimony that he has then have him be baptized and make those covenants if he was never going to keep them. So we hope to get him back in line and on track. Right now he really has no desire to change cause he feels like he has no hope. his hope was his children...and now he feels he has nothing left. BUT that is the amazing thing about this gospel and the attonment of our LOVING Savior Jesus Christ. He can heal everyone and anyone!

That's what we keep telling Malcom. Oh how i love this drunken man haha! I wish you could meet him! Imagine a 5'8 bald man and he's about the most "free spirit, free love, hippiest man" I've ever met. BUT he is SOOO sincere. He truly wants to change, he wants to be better, he wants to find direction and God more than i've ever seen anyone. He has been looking for God his whole life and I KNOW he will enter the waters of baptisem. We just need to get him off the alcohol so his mind can except it (ha i don't know if you've seen any drunk people...but their minds are A LOT clouded) We'll get him there! I know we will because the attonment helps and heals EVERYONE!

I love you all so so sooooo so much! I hope you have such a great week!!! GOOD LUCK MAL PAL!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!! GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG FROM ME!!!! I love you all to the moon and back!!! :D

Love, Sister Brown

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