Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 16

Hello Family!

Ok i am SOOO SORRY!!! Ugh...england. England really likes their holidays...especially bank holidays. So they closed the library for 2 weeks....but now it's open and now i'm emailing my wonderful family who i love so so so much! Wow talking with you on Christmas was absolutely amazing!


I am still in Durham :D Oh happy day! Sister Freeman got transfered to Sheffield in a NEW AREA SLOVOKIAN SPEAKING...ya she's such a big deal. So I'm still here and the wonderful, gorgious, SOOOOO FUNNY Sister Sorensen is my new companion :) (oh happy happy day!) She is so wonderful! She's from the Washington DC area and was going to UVU before she came out here on the mish. She was been out for 6 months and was actually in S. Freemans MTC group ha. So many things have happend since she's been here! A) a total reorganization of our flat (yay!) B) 7 new investigators last week (double yay!) 3) I'm laughing so so much :) I hadn't realized how long its been since i've had a good laugh until she got here. We laugh all the time! Oh how i just love her!!

It is stressful being the one who is escentially taking over the area, but as hecktic as things may seem right now we'll get into a good groove. :)

This week seemed to fly by but slug along so slow as well ha I guess thats the life of a missionary! This week we found 7 new investigators (which may not seem like a lot in comparison to other missions) but here in the Leeds England Mission..it's a lot! our goal for this transfer is to have 3 baptisms :) We know that through a lot of prayer, hard work, and faith we can make this happen!

I know this is such a wimpy letter especially cause it feels like SO much has happend in a the past week or so but just know that i'm doing good and that this missionary loves you all so so so much! Til next week!

I love you to the moon and back!

Love, Sister Brown :)

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