Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 19

Oh what a wonderful weekend it was!! Tracy got baptised on Friday and confirmed the newest member of the only true church on this planet on Sunday. The service was beautiful! The spirit was SOOOOO strong!! I can't wait to be able to tell you more about this women! I wish sometimes i could just call and fill you in on all the miracles that i get to see each day! But this email will have to do :) After Tracy was baptised she wanted to bare her testimony (which is VERY unusual for the Stanley Ward. Usually converts are too nervous or don't feel like they have that strong of a testimony to where there could stand up and bare it...but Tracy did :) ) So she bore the most humble of testimonies. The whole ward was just in Aww of how prepared she was. I TELL YOU SHE'S GOLDEN!! This women has truly changed my life! I know we're going to be best friends for life and eternity :) She's one of those I'm definitely going to keep in close contact with.

Now that Tracy's baptism is over we're kinda at a place of " what?" Ha and that what is MISSIONARY WORK :) We just keep going out talkin to everyone, knockin on every door, working and doing the best we can to spread the good news! We're currantly spending a lof of time in Durham! It is a huge college town, full of college housing! I'm not gonna lie it's kinda weird teachin people your own age...teaching students....people that are just like you....people doing homework...things you were doing just 4 months ago.... haha  it's weird!! BUT sooooooooooo good! The work is in Durham! There are so many people there ready to hear the gospel, i just know it! It's been a huge step out of my comfort zone but that's where we grow the most! When we're doing good things that we're not comfortable doing it makes those things easier to do! As we keep at it, keep trying, keep believing that's when the miracles happen. Cause's hard! One of our APs said, "If ever youre comfortable on your're doing something wrong. You're not being the best missionary you can be." It's so true in life. It's easy to be comfortable...but it's hard to serve others, it's hard to diet and excersice, it's hard sometimes to pray and read our scriptures every night. Thats one of my goals for this week is to not be comfortable. :) I'm going to keep doing thing that make me grow and stretch so I can be the daughter of God that I know my Savior sees in me! I love being a missionary! Where else would i have learned these life long lessons? Where else would i have met these people who have changed my life? Keep lookin forward to your mission yakcm! It's going to be the hardest best thing you can ever do for yourself, your family, your future family, for the people you'll convert and their families! IT'S DA BEST!!!

I love you all so so so much! To the moon and back I do! Til next week, Cheers!
Love, Sister Brown :)

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