Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 17

FAMILY!!! Isn't it about...sundial? ;)

HOW ARE YOU ALL?! I hope you're as good as i am :) Cause I am doing GOOD! Wow i really felt your prayers this week, missionary work is not the easiest job but i truly felt carried this week through the wind and rain :) From the sounds of it things are getting back to normal. Things here are getting back to normal too. We got rid of all our Christmas chocolates and have a new goal of LOSING WEIGHT!!!! (Yay for New Years Resolutions) As you got a taste of...the chocolate REALLY GOOD! But me and S. Sorensen are determined to be healthier so we can better do the work here :)

Things with S. Sorensen and I are brilliant! We get along so so well! We just laugh all the time. She truly is inspiring, she makes me want to be a better person and missionary which is so goooood! This email I wanted to talk about Tracy. I don't remember if i've told you about her yet but she is GOLDEN!! (Joey can explain golden investigators to you ;) ) She is a media refferal. Meaning that she ordered a BOM online and we delivered it to her. She has had quite the life, she's been through SO SO much! She ordered the BOM to learn more about our church because she's been looking for something to fill this huge whole in her life. SHE IS SO PREPARED!!! God truly prepares people to hear the good news of the gospel and she has competely excepted it :) I want to share an experience we had with her this week that ONCE AGAIN prooves that the Church is TRUE!!!

We went over to her house Friday night (Jan 6, 2012....can you believe it's 2012!?!?'s the begining of the end folks...) and we walk in and of couse check in on how she's doing :) We do the whole small talk stuff and then I say the opening prayer. After the prayer she says, " don't need to teach me today...I already know what we're going to be talking about.". I look at her and kinda laugh and say, "Oh really? And how do you know that?" She then says, "Well i had a dream last night about me giving to others and it was through tithing...are we talking about tithing?" I KID YOU NOT THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!!! I look at S. Sorensen and the member that we had with us and I KID YOU NOT in my lap i was holding the Tithing Leaflet...I turned it around in pure amazment and showed her that yes, we were teaching her tithing!!!!


So Tracy is soooooooooooooooooooo poor right now. Her and her husband had no Christmas at all because of the lack of money this year. So we have been dreading the tithing lesson. How could we ask her to give up 10% of her income when there wasn't much of one anyways. So that friday night we were planning on teaching the law of chastity. But for some reason we both felt like we needed to teach the law of we followed the spirit and once again the spirit prepared her. She was completely prepared for tithing. She even said, "Well you don't need to teach me it. I already have a testimony of it. Can i give you my money now?" Not gonna lie i got a little teary eyed!! Her faith is so strong! All she wants is to be happy and to better her life. She has looked for years for the thing that will fill the whole that life has given her. And she has finally found it, she found the gospel.

The message of the gospel is one of healing. I've seen it time and time again heal people. Everywhere in England there are broken homes, families, drugs, alcohol, anger, hate, violence. But this gospel heals it all. If we truly live what we believe the GOSPEL WILL HEAL US!! I know it, i see it everyday!

Tracy is right on her way to enter the waters of baptism Jan. 20, 2012 :) Her baptismal interview is this Saturday :D :D :D :D!!!! I love this gospel, i love being a missionary, i love my savior, and i love you all so much!!!! I'm so glad that i get to spend eternity with my best friends! Thank you for all your love and support!!

Til next week! I love you to the moon and back! Cheers!

Love, Sister Brown

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