Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 49

Holy Guac how are you?!
I'm doing SOOO good! Things here in Alnwick are just super! Me and Sister Barakdar are taking on the world. (In the world of Dragonball Z: Me and Sister Berakdar fusion everyday and take on the world, supersayan style... ;) ) It's the best! We're finding, teaching, and preparing Norman for baptism. Give that 72 year old pirate a huge prayer for us. He's still stuggling with the word of wisdom, but I have no doubt that he will over come...(he better!!) This upcoming week some wonderful things are happening. We're having Sister Specialized Training! (Can you believe it's already been close to a year since the last one!) The last on i was just a little greeny! This time I'm one of the olderst Sisters here!! Weird... President is having me speak on "Keeping the faith and having a positive attitude in our missionary work." and Sister Lindley also asked me to sing (Yes!) I'm singing that version of "I know that my Redeemer lives" that me mal and Jill sang at grandma and grandpa T's anniversary :) So pray that it all goes well. Also....umm I dont' know where the time went but...I turn 1 year old this week. WHAT?!?!?!? Does it feel like it's been a year to you?! Cause for me it's FLOWN BY!!!!!! Next thing you know it will be Christmas....CHRISTMAS!!!
So since it is my year mark I want to tell you just a few things that I've learned since I've been a missionary so far. Have I perfected these things...ha not a chance. But I do feel like this year I have made LEAPS AND BOUNDS!!
1. I have learned that obedience is a good thing.
Yep you heard it. You're daughter, Sister Taylor Jean Brown said obedience is a good thing. I really feel I've gained a testimony of obedience on my mission. Obedience is the first law of heaven for a reason, cause that the first and only way that God can bless us..which in turn makes us happy. I know that sticking to the rules can be hard, but when you sacrifice you're will to what God or your parents, or your leaders, ect..when you put their will for you over what you want for will always be happy. Obey the rules'll put a smile on your face and a smile on your heart :)
2. Work, Work, Work! heard it again. And I know you'll have a hard time with this one. But your daughter...likes to work. Well at least the missionary kind of work ha! I have seen in my missionary life that nothing beats a good hard day at work. You just feel so good, it's like you conquered the world that day. And you can go to bed know that, "yes, i contributed to Gods kingodom today!" And I know this work skill is going to carry over into the real world...well at least I hope so ;)
3. "Any excuse for nonperformance no matter how valid only weakens the charecter."/ Do what you said you would do. (DWYSYWD)
This is one of the more valueable things I've learned. You know me, I'm really good at people pleasing and in that regaurd I get in A LOT of trouble because I tell people what they want to hear and I don't follow through with what I said I would do... I feel like I've made leaps and bounds with this one. I feel like I'm more reliable, less flacky, and not prone to tell people what they want to hear. Hello....I'm a missionary...I talk with people about God all day long...of course I tell people what they DON'T want to hear...everyday! I know how important it is to "do what you said you would do". That is Integrity. Everytime I think of "Do what you said you would do" I think of Grandpa Taylor. He is the dictionary definition of Integrity. (I'm pretty sure his picture is right next to the definition of Integrity) My goal is to be like my dear Grandpa Taylor and strive each and everyday to work on my own personal Integrity. (Love you Grandpa!!)
4. I know the gospel is true. And I love God enough to keep to it!
I think this is the most valuable of all. I love God, I love my Saviour. I love this gospel and I know it's true! No matter what anyone tells me I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints is true. I know that the windows of heaven are open and we hear the will of God for us through a LIVING prophet. I know this "church thing" isn't just a passive thing. It's a life style. It's not something we only do on Sunday. It's an everyday thing!
And SOOOO MUCH MORE! That is just only a FEW of the many things I've learned on my mission. I will forever charish my mission. Next to the temple it is one of my most sacred experiences of my life. I love my mission. I love YOU!! (To the moon and back as you well know ;) ) I hope each of you have a wonderful week! Keep helping the missionaries!! I know that nothing but AMAZING blessings come from helping the missionaries!!! Cheers from England til next week!
Love, Sister Brown

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