Hello....is anyone there...hello...? Papa? Are you here" (Beauty and the Beast: Belle trying to find her Pops in the castle ha)
I hope everything is ok? I think this is the first time I haven't gotten an email from you mom...so I hope everything is ok....it better be ok....right?
So this week was so magical. We had Sister Specialized Training and it rocked!! It was so good to see all my best friends. Sisters Freeman, Sorensen, Stout, and Hall!! These girls are going to be my bestest friends FOREVER!!! My singing went ok, but my talk went really well I think. We learned so much from each other and it was so good to be uplifted by everyones testimonies. It was so good to spend some time with President and Sister Lindley too. They are just so wonderful! They take such good care of us here in England.
This week we had some epic miracles. We found this amazing young couple who are looking pretty promising. They both have been looking for the truth. Their names are Jack and Isla. Jack especially has been looking everywhere for the right church. He's been to so many different churches and said himself, "Non of them feeled right.." So we were able to teach them the first lesson and they LOVED IT!!! The spirit was so strong, testifying to all of us that what was being said was true. (Man I love being a missionary :D) We are looking forward to teaching them more on Tuesday and seeing how things progress. They are living together so they would need to be married before they could be baptized (Wedding and Baptism...YES!!) Thats one thing that is pretty normal in England is the "living together before marriage" thing. Yuck. Ha everyone is just living in ignorance, but we will educate them so they can have lasting bliss ;)
A huge lesson I learned this week was Ether 12:6. This promise is so true. Sometimes the blessings don't come til after the trial of our faith. Sometimes we feel like, "Man, is this ever going to get easier...I'm doing my best...why don't I see results" I know that in these moments we need to push through it and keep working and doing our best. Because that's when the miracles happen. When we push though it there is always light at the other end..and it's THE BEST!! I felt this with Jack and Isla this week. We have been working so hard, week after week, TRYING SO HARD to find the prepared. And right at the breaking point, we found them. We found a little family. I know that if we consistantly do our best, and if we don't give up that miralces happen. I know it works here and I know it will work at home too!
I love you all so much and hope that everything is ok at home...it better be...do I need to be worried? You know me...I just to conclusions ha!
I love you to the moon and back! Cheers from England til next week!
Love, Sister Brown :)