Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 51

Dear Family!
Hahah ok so I love my family and my life. So I got a pretty funny phone call this week from the mission office. This is how it went (First of all keep in mind that I didn't get an email so I assume you'all are dead) Sister Barren says (one of our wonderful office senior couple missionaries): "Sister Brown...I got a phone call from your mother today." Then my heart goes in my stomach and I think "Oh no...I was right...they're all DEAD!" and then she says, "Your Mom left a message on our machine, she says stop worrying. She sent the email to your other account, everyone at home is fine" HAHA! I love my Mum. She knows me so well, she knows that I would have been freaking out all week. Thank you Mum for calling the office (Thanks Joe for making her). I didn't even know you had the number to the mission office! Well if anything does happen, that's the number you would call :)

So on this weeks episode of: "Sister Brown at Hogwarts"
So how do you know when you've been out for a year?.....
You start having day-shaw-voo (hahaha I have NO IDEA how to even begin spelling that!)
For example....the spiders are back...
Yes you heard it, the spiders are back. When I first got here the very first thing I noticed was that ALL AROUND THE DOORS HERE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE MASSIVE SPIDERS!!!!!!! Every door I knock is my biggest fear staring me in the face. And I think..."Not can't be that time of year....oh's spider season again" From September to about Halloween is spider season, where the spiders come out and just chill at peoples doors. So....gross.
More day-shaw-voo:
It feels like Halloween.
Autumn is in the AIR! Leafs are changing colors and falling off the trees. Sister Berakdar must think I'm a coock (short of cooky) because (as I always do each autumn) when I see a dead leaf on the ground OF COURSE I run over and step on it so I can hear the wonderful crunching sound. (I suggest everyone does's actually a lof of fun...go appreciate the little things!) It's funny though cause here in England, because it's so humid and wet, If you see a leaf that is brown and doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be crunchy, chances are it will be wet and soft. Ha but when you do get one that is, it just makes my heart sing!
But back to the missionary work:
We had a great week this week. We're finding people, teaching, and progressing the work forward. Norman our little pirate is doing well, he's still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. He's struggling with that last cigarette, so keep him in your prayers. We moved his baptismal date to the 5th of October. We pray that he'll ditch the tabs and go for the water :) I love being a missionary. There is nothing like being directed by the spirit 24-7 (Well of course we always have the choice whether we're going to listen to the spirit or not). I love it when you pick a street that you feel really good about, knock on all the doors, and then find the reason why you felt good about going there. You find that person. That is one thing I have a testimony of is that God loves us individually. We could feel good about going to an area with over 200 hundred door and knock all of them and only be let in by 1 person. God loves that one person so much that he gives us the opportunity to knock all those doors to just find the one. That's what this work is about, is the one. God loves us, knows us by name, knows us so deeply-better than we even know ourselves. He wants to help the one. You. Me. Our friends and neighbours. I love being able to be his instrument and to be sent to wherever he needs me cause I too am invested in finding the one :)
I love you all to the moon and back!! Have a wonderful week! Read your scriptures, pray, and all your worries will go away (you like that little rhyme...yep I just made it up ;) ha! ) Cheers from England til next week!!
Love, Sister Brown

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