Ahoy mi Rodina!!
From the sounds of it everyone is pretty busy (ha I am not suprised one bit ;) ) and it looks like Malory's got a bird on her shoulder...did it poop on you? AND my nephew is the most ADORABLE THING!! I love you too Matthew! Mum, you're hilarious! I hope you're dream comes true and that I do convert Novak Djokovic!! I'd have a very attractive husband, I'd be RICH, and I'd be fluent in Slovakian!! Ha that is something I wish I had already!! The language is coming along, I'm nowhere near close to fluent though hahah. We speak in VERY broken Slovakian but the spirit is the great translator and somehow our points get put across. For that I am SO greatful!
This week was another amazing week in Don Valley/ Darnall (That's the actual name of the city we work in). I love these people so much! Their faith is absolutely inspiring! It truely is their poverty that has prepared their hearts for the gospel and I get to see this EVERYDAY! It's the best! My testimony is strengthend everyday. I want to share a general experience I've been having here in Don Valley and it has to do with the language. I didn't when I started my mission that I would ever see the gift of tongues in action...I mean I'm serving in England...with English people...ha. Little did I know that God would wrap me one of the greatest gifts...it's called Don Valley. The only way that your daughter would be able to speak another language (especially Slovakian) is if she was set apart and was given power and authority to carry out anything she was called to do. And lucky me I have been! I've seen the power of the spirit through the gift of tongues especially this week! We have a lesson yesterday with one of the familes we're teaching (the Chunkas..yes...the Chunk-as haha :)). Sister Melander's Slovakian is unreal, she just picked up on it so quick so usually she ends up translating, but last night I was able to speak in my VERY broken Slovakian and I could see in their eyes that they understood. It's scary to think that Sister Melander might get transfered cause she picked up on the language, but I know that God qualifies those who he calls. So all will be well :) God's in control so I don't need to worry about it!
I hope you all are doing so well and can feel my love from here...can you feel it...??? Good :) I love you each to the moon and back again! Have an amazing week ok?! Cheers til next week
Milujem t'a! (I love you in Slovakian)
Laska, Sestre Brownova