Hello my dear family!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot believe it's 2013....bye bye 2012!
Ok my goodness...that Christmas skype call...was AMAZING!!! Holy cow it was so beyond good to see you all! And the news that Malory is coming to this wonderful beloved land...IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE WHOLE YEAR!!! Oh Mal you are going to love it here! You are PERFECT for England. You were made to come here. And even better, the spirit told me you were coming here. I just couldn't shake the feeling that you were coming here. I knew even before you had told me that you would be here! I just didn't know which misson ;) The Manchester Mission ROCKS! I only hear wonderful things about it :) Be SO excited Mal England is the best!
Well I have some news that I forgot to tell you on Christmas....WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Remember my recent convert Anna? The hungarian gypsy? Well her son Zsolt (Yes his name is Zsolt...like lighting bolt...but lightning Zsolt ;) ) entered the waters of baptism on Saturday!! (Don't worry Mum you're getting alot of pictures this week...I'm obsessed with my new camera :) ) The baptism went SO well!! It's been amazing to see Zsolt progress. He had NO interest while we were teaching Anna, but the spirit softened his heart. The Book of Mormon really was the key to his conversion. He loves the Book of Mormon! He reads it everyday and it was this wonderful book that changed him the most.
OH I should probably tell you the AMAZING NEWS with transfers!
I'm staying....and Sister Melander is....STAYING! And Sister Hall is STAYING!!! AND we're getting another Sister!!! So me Sister Melander and Sister McKay (Yes...Sister McKay!) Will be my sweet companions!! I'm in another 3some!! SCORE!!
So...I do have some orders of buisness to cover...ugh.
So I got my trunky papers yesterday. (The papers that tell me my release date and how I need to get a bunch of information so they can get cracking on my flight plans) So my release date is the 28 March 2013. And I need my bishop and stake presidents mailing address and email address...so if you could tell me Bishop Graff's info and President Richards info...that would be much appreciated so i can get all this information back to the Mission Office...(what a joke....)
So with that order of business out of the way I can now focus on what matters most :)
I've been thinking alot about the fact that 2012 is now history and how much I've grown this past year. Whoa....I've grown so much...and not just in my waiste ;) I am so grateful for 2012. 2012 is definitely going to be a time that will be so close to my heart because it's been the year of  "The GIANT learning curve". I've been able to learn so many valueable lessons this year about myself and about life in general. I will never forget you 2012 and I guess we'll see what 2013 has in store.
I love you all so much! To the moon and back I do!! I hope you have a wonderful week, cheers til next week all!
Love, Sister Brown