Hello Family!
Yep...it's snowing...right now. What?! It's March right? Oh, wait...now the sun is shining...what is going on?! Malory you have this to look forward too haha British weather...all 4 seasons in one day!
First and formost:
I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'VE BEEN TOLD! SOMEONES GETTING PRETTY OLD! SOUND OFF, HAPPY! SOUND OFF, BIRTHDAY! SOUND OFF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DADDY!!!! Whew...Dad you're going to be 53 tomorrow! Man, how do you feel? Well I hope you have a wonderful day and that everyone spoils you wrotten. I figured I'd save on postage and just take your present with me when I get home. So we'll have Christmas and yours and Danny's BDays when I get home ok?
How is everyone?! I hope so so well! Things in the DV are still going great. We're making preperations for the new branch and getting things all ready to fly! We just have this sunday and then BAM Sheffield 4 will be offically made! So exciting! So many exciting things, I'm so lucky to be here for it!
So Mal is going through the temple! :D Good, about time!! She's going to love it! She's lucky, she'll have a temple in her mission so if she's serving close to it, she can go. So lucky!! Oh, send Anita my love. Tell her not to be sad, everyone has different gifts and talents. She's got gifts that a lof of those girls who made it don't have. Keep your chin up Sis. all will be well! Ha it's funny that you're getting people coming up to you at church cause I'm getting the same thing! "Sister Brown, youre leaving soon! "Sister Brown you've got 2 sundays left!" "Sister Brown have you packed your bags yet?" Ha good greif! Thank you, yes I am leaving soon. Yes, your right. NO! Hahaha I hope when I'm rich and famous I can take you all to England and show you all the funny people here. The culture is so different, really dry but I love it!
I think the lesson for this week was how God hears and answers every prayer. We were in a lesson with some of our investigators who's english isn't the best and our slovakian is so broken. I was trying to hard to resolve their conserns but I was running out of words. I prayed the smallest prayer in my heart that God would help us to communicate so that these wonderful people could progress. And no more than 5 seconds later we hear a knock on the door and it was the Elders!! The Elders are from the Czech so they are completely fluent in Slovakian and they were able to translate for us. What a huge miracle and answer to prayer. I know that God lives because of moments like this!! He IS there and answers are prayers I know it because I lived it. He hears all are needs and desires and will help us out! So get down on your knees and pray ;) He's alwasys listening.
I hope you each have a wonderful week! I love you all to the moon and back!! Cheers!
Love, Sister Brown