's week 3 of the transfer...who's freaking out...CAUSE I AM!!!!!!!!
Alright with all that being said ha!
Hello my Dear Family!
How is everyone! Ok first let me get the business out of the way:
KOBY IS GOING TO RENO!!!! GAAAA I'MMM SOS OS OSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSO HAPPY! Ok my last companion Sister MacKay is from Reno and she talked about the Reno mission all the time! The missionaries there are amazing! I have no doubt Koby is going to blow the Reno world away! Give him the biggest hug for me and a huge congratulations! And you're leaving on the same day!!! Gaaa! That is AMAZING!!!
Mom, I didn't get the first part of that email, but that is no problem!! :) I mean lets be honest, you can fill me in soon. Yikes.
Ok I think that is all the business.
Oh man my heart is just so full!! I'm trying not to cry in front of all these people at the library...ok I'm being tough...ok...ok haha
I think my heart is so full because I bore my last testimony at church yesterday ha and of course cried through the whole thing. All the Slovakians were crying, all the English members were crying, it was a huge cry fest!!! It's just been tough having all these pages in my "Mission Chapter" of my life turning...and the chapter is coming to a close. I've been really tough so far, but I just cried like a little kid when I bore my last testimony. This part of my life has been...I don't even know how to describe it..just pure bliss. Pure heaven. I got an email from my dearest of friends Chelsea Sorenson today and it just about put me into tears. I'm gonna put the part that touched me the most. Ok I'm not putting this on here to toot my own horn...but I want you to catch a glimps of what missions do to people and how much the people, the friendships you make change you forever. There have been so many people on my mission who have changed me for the good and she is definitely on the top 3:
okay okay but heres the real stuff.... Sister Brown. I want you to know that I truly love you so much. I am terrible at keeping in touch and I am so sorry about that, but I mean this when I say it, I think about you all the time and still try to follow the example that you set for me when we served together. When I was with you I didn't have to try to be happy, I just was. You happiness is contagious and has made me into more of a positive person, which is something that I really need. You are an amazing Sister missionary. You came and served for the right reasons and served with your whole heart and soul and because of that you have been enormously successful! You should be just so proud of yourself. You really are just amazing. Do not worry about a single thing these next couple of weeks... have fun and stay focused, because I promise you that this experience is never coming back around again. Tie up any loose ends that you have and let the Lord finish what he started. I love you. You are extraordinary.
I read this and just about burst into tears because she changed ME! Our time together was so short, only 6 weeks but in that short time we changed so much together! My mission is something I wouldn't trade for all the money in the whole world. My mission is so precious to me. So precious. I think my favourite line in that is "Let the Lord finish what he started". I feel like Alma when he said, "Oh if I were an angel...". For me it's, "Oh if I was a missionary until the Lord comes and says "My work is done"." However, that is not how it goes. Sister Sorenson is so right I need to tie up the loose ends, continue to work with all I have, and prepare for the peace that comes to each missionary who serves their mission with honour.
Mal, Mac, Koby, Mariel, and all other missionaries out there!! Prepare for the most sacred 18 months-2 years of your life. Prepare to work hard. Prepare to defend what you believe to those who refuse to listen. Prepare to rejoice when you see those you love the most enter the waters of eternity. Prepare to be your Saviours hands...for there is nothing sweeter on earth than to be his instrument.
Oh I just want to cry!!!! Ha but I won't. Because like I said, the peace only comes to those who leave with no regrets. And that is the peace I feel right now, I have no regrets! This is why I can come home with a smile on my face, and be able to step of the plane excited to see the loved ones who I owe so much to. The ones who have supported me through so much. I love you all so much. I've been saying to the moon and back for 18 months...but that can't even begin to describe how much I really do love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week!! Cheers from the best place in the world!!
Laska, Sestra Brownova