My dear Family!!
From the sounds of it everything is going great in the Brown house. Mum you're sick!! Being sick is the absolute worst...I don't know if you noticed at Christmas but I was definitely sick too haha my voice completely went the day after Christmas. Bye bye voice. But don't worry your Teedle Tays voice is back and as loud as ever...yes some things WILL NOT change :)
This was another wonderful week in Don Valley. I am absolutely obsessed with my companions. Sister Mackay and Melander are changing my LIFE!! We have so much fun (Dont' worry, it's righteous fun ;) ) and we work so hard here in the DV. The language is coming along. I don't know what I'm going to do when Sister Melander leaves because she is LIKE FLUENT in Slovak. She's so hard core!
I guess what I want to base my email on is how the sprit of God ROCKS! So I live in Slovakia/Gypsy land where the law of chastity doesn't really exist. Ha ok lets be honest, I like in the UK...this whole continent of Europe doesn't get that you have to be married. So LOADS of people have been living together for years, but never thought about being married. Well we found this wonderful couple named Steffaun and Boeshenna and they have 2 beautiful children but their not married. We talked to them about the law of chastity and they were not having it. So we invited them to pray about it and see how they felt about it tomorrow. So yesterday was tomorrow and we followed up on their prayer and this is what they said, "So...we've been thinking about it...and I think we want to get married...could be get married soon?" I see over and over and over again on my mission how God prepares the hearts of his children. The spirit softened their hearts and they were able to consider the option of marriage. So we'll see how things go, I PRAY we'll be having a wedding in February or March.
Experience #2 of how the spirit works
So we were at the home of another amazing couple that needs to get married. They have the license and everything, but they're putting it off because they need more money because they want to have a reception. Once again, time after time on my mission I have had experiences like I'm Gods piano and he just taps my keys and out comes the beautiful song of Redeeming love. I had an experience like that this week. I felt impressed to tell them that it is impossible for God to lie to us. God keeps his promises. If he says that he will bless your for keeping his commandments, that means he will. I told them that if they got married as soon as possible and sacrificed what they wanted (this party) for what God wants (to keep the law of Chastity) that God would open up the windows of heaven and poor out blessings to them. And that's when Merricks eyes changed. He said, "you're right...God cannot lie...he has to bless us." I can honestly say that what I experience was a "glove in hand" moment. It's like I was the Glove and God put his hand in me...and I was his puppet. I was able to be his piano that day and the music was so sweet. It softened Merricks heart and we were able to schedule a wedding date.
This is why missionary work rocks, this is why our church is true. God would not give these experiences to a proud, selfish, sinner like me, a 24 year old girl from St. George Utah...unless he truly was there...unless he truly did love his children...unless I truly was his missionary.
Isn't God incredible!! And i get to have these amazing experiences!! Man I am so LUCKY!!!!
I hope you each remember how much God loves you!! And I hope you remember how much I love you too! (To the Moon and Back I do!!) Have a wonderful week ok?! Cheers!
Love, Sestra Brownova