Ahoy mi Rodina!!
Ako se mase? Dobre...ne dodre??
Hello my Family!
How are you???? Good...no good...? Hopefully great!! Ok so this conneticut things....all we know is that there was a shooting...don't really know the details...actually no details. How horrible! My prayers go out to these families! (Whatever happened..cause I have no clue) But on better news...
SYLVIA PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW AND WILL BE BAPTIZED THE 22ND OF DECEMBER!!! What a Christmas miracle!! She had been struggling with the WOW but President himself came and gave her a blessing (oh how i love this man) and the preisthood of God healed her. She hasn't smoked in awhile and is soooo looking forward to her day in white!! Our other investigators are doing really well too we're looking forward to some January 2013 baptisms!
So here is some buisness items...
So...I know you're all going to hate me for this...we're going to have to skype 8am Utah time. :S Who's up for an early skype call?? Let me see your hands in the air...that's better ;) Sorry about that. We're just got a tea appointment later that we have to go to so we can't do 10, but you get to see my face :) I think it's worth the sacrifice right? Plus it's Christmas MORNING!! You can have Dads famous breakfast....but please...don't make it til after youre done talking with me because I will be so jealous if you eat it in front of my face! ;)
#2...Malory might get her call this week....you might tell me where she is serving her MISSION on Christmas....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! MY SISTER IS SO GROWN UP!!!! I'm so proud of you Sister!! You're amazing, I look up to you so much!!
Now to :Don Valley
Things here are just super duper! I love my life. Our investigators are amazing, they're keeping commitments and progressing, and the language is actually coming along. Thank you gift of tongues. I hope that by my 3rd transfer I'll be like Sister Melander and actually be able to have conversations instead of just spitting out words haha AND Sister Hall gave me my first hair cut since I've been out! Don't worry, she just trimmed my dead 15 month ends.
I don't have a whole lot to say, but we'll chat it up Santa style on Christmas though ya?! AHHH Can't WAIT To see you all!!! Have a wonderful week and remember Jesus...and...I dunno do something amazing I guess....OH EVEN BETTER...Ok...whoever makes me laugh the most with the craziest thing they did this week when you talk to me on Christmas gets...something amazing from England.... :)
OH and another buisness item: So as I'm sure you well know...sending things to America is expensive. So I thought since I'm going to be home in 3 months that I would bring Christmas with me :) It would be loads cheaper that way. So be expecting Christmas presents in March. If there is anything specific you would like me to bring you from England let me know ok?!
I love you all so much. To the moon and back I do!!
Love, Sestre Brownova