Ahoy all!
How is everyone!? I hope so good! Hahaha don't worry Mum, missionaries have a Valentines Day force field around us so we never get struck by flying arrows. ;) I can't believe it's February! Sister Stout has 10 days left in her mission...weird right? Time doesn't stop for anyone! Mal's getting close to leaving!! :D Ahhh! That is absolute madness, but so exciting! Don't worry about Mal Pal, she was made for England. I've known for awhile that if she was going to put her papers in that she would get called here. England just screams, "Malory Brown"!!! She's going to tear it up in Manchester :) I actually have some insider information about that. So, I guess the first Presidency and the Quorem of the 12 have decided to put a majority of the new missionaries in the UK. They're doing this because they feel that if they can get things rolling in the UK, the church will go global. Exciting right. AND they're only putting the elite in the UK....ok this may just be my opinion...I am a little bias, I mean Uncle Randy served here, I've been here and my little sister is on her way...so exciting! :) By May our mission will have doubled in size. We're getting 20 Sister and 78 Elders. From what I hear the Manchester Mission will have 40 new Sister Missionaries by May. You're one of those Mal!
I was reading in Alma this morning about the Army of Helemen. The Stripling Warriors. Mal, Mac and Mariel are the Stripling Warriors...and I will tell you why :) So when Antipus was fighting off the Lamanites he needed some serious help. They were about to lose, but in came the Army of Helemen to save the day. That is how I feel about these new missionaries. There is no way we will win the battle here in the UK or anywhere in the world unless we have some new, young, righteous, and worthy warriors that have been taught in there youth. I read the scripture about how they "never doubted that their mothers knew it". That line has carried me my whole mission and it means so much more to me now. I read this line at the beginning of my mission and knew that I had a mother and a father, a family who knew that I could do it. They have always been able to see what I couldn't. Now I've got 2 amazing missionary siblings who will be starting their missions right about the same time. And I've got a Mum who I'm sure is nervous to let her little twins got out into the field. Mum never forget you know it. And twins, never forget that your Mum, Dad, and family know it. Never forget your testimony. We know this church is true, so we will fight the good fight. We will defend our honour, our families, our religeon, and bring more of Gods children back home to him. Jeffrey R. Holland said that never was there a more exciting time to be a missionary in the history of the church. And our family is apart of it!! Mal, Mac, Mariel, Kalin!!!! :D It is just the best thing EVER! I'm so grateful to be a missionary, to be apart of this army! I'm so grateful for a loving and supportive family who has supported me my whole time in this battle. I love each of you to the moon and back again and again!! I hope you have such a wonderful week! Cheers from the battle field ;)
Laska, Sestre Brownova