Dearest Family...that's just about to get bigger...
I think I'm still trying to process this news...
So let me see if I've got this right..
So my little brother is going to be a Dad...
OH MY GASH!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!
Congratulations you two!! That is CRAZY exciting news!!! I'm not sure when you'd find out if it's a boy or a girl but let me know if you find out anything! Holy brother is a Dad....whoa. That was a super cute way of announcing the baby too!
This week was an interesting one. We got some pretty sad news this week, Sister MacKays Grandpa passed away. She seems to be doing better, but its not easy when someone you loves passes especially when you're away from your family. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation. No matter what happens here on this earth we have the promise that our families will be together forever. And God keeps his promises.
I've seen this time after time on my mission, the simple knowledge that God keeps his promises. When God says that he'll bless us by keeping the simple commandments like prayer, church, scripture study..he really means it. He'll bless us. When he says that through the atonment of Jesus Christ we can be clean...he means it. We really can. When he says that if we keep the commandment we can inherit eternal life. Ya, that's a promise. All of these promises are contingent on our choices...our day to day living. I think it's those little choices of good add up more than the bigger choices of good. It's those little choices that make or break our progression.
Haha I just realized that I just spilled my thoughts on paper hahah! Wow, I'm a missionary...hahaha sorry I just took this email to a whole-nother "missionary email" level. hahaha! Ok maybe I shouldn't be laughing so hard at this..bahaha!
Ok I'm back. Alright, so this week was over all good. A little bumps on the way with Sister MacKay's loss, but hey..missionaries are human too. Here in Slovakia we're at the place of, "all our people who were progressing got baptized" which is so great. Now it's the "who's next" game. We've got a few who've got some potential, but some eternal investigators too. So we're just sorting through our teaching pool. The ones who have the most potential are Nadia and Kveta. Oh how I love these girls and their family. We're teaching Robo, Kveta, and their daughters. (Daughters: Nadia, Simona, Danisa, and little Kveta). The daughters have progressed alot faster than the parents. So Simona and Denisa have been baptized, and we're trying to get permission from Robo to get Danisa and little Kveta baptized because they're totally ready. We're hoping that him seeing them get baptized will soften his heart and he'll let his wife Kveta get baptized with him. So keep this sweet little family in your prayers if you could :)
And thats pretty much the news here in Slovakia ha. I hope each of you have a wonderful week! I love you so much, to the moon and back I do! Cheers til next week!
Love, Sestra Brownova