Is anyone else freaking out??!?!?!?!?!
Is anyone else nervous?!?! Ahhh my hands are getting sweaty just thinking and typing about it...yes my hands still get so sweaty when I'm nervous!!!!
10 Days....only 10 DAYS!!! I am so excited to see you all though! Ok you can't judge me...I'm so FAT!! Just love me ok? and tell me I look so beautiful!! Hahaha Mum that is the one thing you can do for me. Even though I am can tell me I look great :) I'm gunna need that!
Ok let me just give you the run down on how things are going to go....
So I will have been on a plane/ traveling for 20 hours...I probably won't get much sleep the night before...and when I arrive it will be 5:00 am English time. I'm going to look like a Zombie. So do not judge me on our first least wait until I don't have jet lag anymore ;) And I'll probably have BO....just throwing out all the possibilities :) Ha
Oh man....this is just too weird. I mean you always imagine what it is going to be like when you have 10 days left on your mission....its just so bitter sweet. So bitter sweet. I mean you put your heart and soul into something for 18 months and then your just ripped from it and expected to go back to being normal. Ok how about this...just expect me to be a total freak....just so when I'm not THAT BAD you won't be about that? As you can tell my thoughts are just everywhere!! Just so many feelings...
How about a report on the news...
Kalin: Gaaa you're a missionary sooooooon! You are going to be SUCH an amazing missionary! All you gotta do is open your mouth and talk to people. It's as easy as that, just talk to them like their your best friends and you'll be just fine. OH and be obedient! if your companion is not being obedient no matter how much older they are than you that's not ok...tell your mission president ;) That is my advice for you :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You + Me + March 2015 = Mario Kart/ Pokemon Stadium party...and I will win Dig Dig everytime...that will never change ;)
Mariel: Oh my dear little Sister!!! I wish you all the best! Just tear it up!! Do your best and you will be just fine! Stay warm, layers will be your best friend!
Malory: YOU ARE G'ED UP FROM THE KNEE UP!!!! Don't you just feel so pretty! We are going every other day when I get home ok?! Like all the Don't worry I will have you Sister Missionary won't need a trainer by the time I'm done with you ;)  I love you!
Matt and Kate: You are SO you remember me? I love you!!
Ok so this week in the missionary world of Slovakia. Oh how things are going grand! We're still doing  A LOT of getting the members ready for the branch work/trying to progres our investigators/ learning the language. Yep, we're busy but things are so good. The Don Valley Unit will offically be Sheffield 4 on Sunday which is so exciting! I'll have to fill you in on the details when get home...writing it over email doesn't give it justice. I'm still working so hard and doing my best to sprint to the end. Some missionaries have a really hard time focusing, but I am having no problem at all. If anything I'm doing the opposite...I'm in denile. Ha it just feels like I'm going to be a missionary forever...but that's not going to happen. These next 10 days are going to fly by and I've got to make the best out of the time that I have left!
I love you all so so much! To the moon and back I do! PS is there anything you want from England. I'm really struggling trying to find you suvenears (totally spelled wrong) Its tough cause everything is so expensive here. I'm trying to find you British things...but they don't really have a whole lot of that. So I'm thinking about just a LOT of chocolate. I mean you can't get that in America. So if there is anything specific you want let me know..or I'm probabably just going to bring everyone home a ton on English candy and chocolate. Just let me know ;)....welp one more email and you'll be seeing my face. Absolute madness. Cheers all!
Love, Sestra Brownova